Omg, whats this going to cost to repair?

lambrat, May 16, 9:14pm
i walked out this morning at first light to check last night's wind did no damage, and saw this on the ground looked up. so depressing

pettal, May 16, 9:17pm
nothing if you do it your self .

patxyz, May 16, 9:20pm
Don't know exact dimensions of yours but I replaced mine, had a choice. $68 off here or $109 from M10

lambrat, May 16, 10:19pm
thanks, yep, only the cap, but its a bit of a worry the flue might rust,. its a one piece job, heavy duty, would hate to lose it. and connected to the only viable heating for winter, unfortunately. i actually burst into tears when i saw it down, and for me thats pretty shocking, i haven't had a cry like that since the quakes.
i can't get up on the roof to measure accurately yet (nor can i weld, lol) but from googling around i can't see a budget replacement anywhere.
darn it, i need a couple of flatties or boarders, this life is getting ridiculously difficult.

pettal, May 16, 10:34pm
any DIY type handy man would be able to fix that , all is needed is to reattach it using pot rivets or screws etc .

corkranb, May 17, 1:38am
Hate to be a smart arse here but No he will have to pay for a scaffold or platform with fall rails to do this job under OSH regulations. Under the new OSH regime you are at hell of a risk by getting one of your workers or yourself to undertake this work and risk falling from the roof or ladder. A minimum $50.000 fine if you or a worker suffer severe injuries. Just not worth the risk unfortunately for any business.

stickman4u, May 17, 2:43am
you want me to look at it for you

lambrat, May 17, 10:45pm
i don't think it needs to be repaired in situ, if i recall correctly, the whole top of it can be detached from the top of the flue.
i took another look yesterday, the three 'legs' snapped from the 'hat' thats on the ground. must be from many years of being pulled and twisted by chimney cleaners to get it off the flue.

lambrat, May 17, 10:52pm
cheers, i think i'm needing somebody who has experience of these older model things?
this flue is pretty old, have had this house 30yrs, the consent for the burner was early 80s i think.
i've been told since the quakes i was lucky to have it, apparently these came through the quakes very well, compared with the more modern and flimsy types.

stickman4u, May 18, 6:05am
I do know what I am doing but that's what you get for offering to help some one out and I was going to do it for free its a 10min job but you go pay someone a arm and a leg to do it

lambrat, May 18, 9:14am
lol, stickman, you seem quick to take offence, so maybe not the temperament to be doing a favour that could well turn to custard .
because it might not be a 10 minute job' at all, if my previous experience with old homes is anything to go by. an easy job can end up trickier than first glance would indicate.
thanks for your initial offer though, made in good faith. all i was saying is i need best advice before repair/replace.

lambrat, May 21, 12:13am
ok i got up on roof and removed the other bit, now i need welding advice, ie. whether its fixable. or not.

can anybody please recommend somewhere straight up and reliable to walk into and ask . am on strict budget, lawyers have all my money these days, darn it.

barneymiller, May 21, 12:25am
I f the fire place was installed in the 80s it will be over 15 years old and is no longer legal to use. I think also if you have a house fire insurance will will be null and void.
I do not think fire can be repaired by anyone it needs to be done by some one who hold the suitable qualification. This is important because something done wrong can endanger peoples lives.

lambrat, May 21, 10:45pm
thanks but in actual fact burners over 15yrs old are illegal to use in winter because of pollution levels. and are perfectly legal the rest of the year.
i do have a newer one on the other side of the house. this one is the emergency one which i never took out.

chrisalis, May 23, 8:10am
Hey all sorry to hear that Lambrat, I haven't been in here in months as I was living in a bus, now in my lovely new house. I was thinking about stuff like this today. So many things like this issue collateral damage. My Bosch washer dryer didn't do well in the quakes nor the move and they are stuffed basically. Thousands of dollars for machines which should have lasted twice as long as they did. They both have smashed plastic outside and now inside and I am tired of repairing them, so got a new washer. Heaps of stuff like this will happen for years and considered wear and tear so not insurance. Anyway hope you can get it fixed, things like that get to me too :) I too am going to get some flatmates so I am not doing all things.

lambrat, May 23, 12:49pm
glad you're not spending winter in a bus, congrats on getting into a new home :)
the flue cowl is fixed, what a relief, cost me zero. i gave it to a friend's partner yesterday morning, then went off to doctors to get dodgy freckle carved out of my back. by the time i got home it was repaired and sitting in driveway, so i got up and plunked it back onto the flue before the painkillers wore off, and have hardly moved since. we all sure have to take the good with the bad, lol.
yes, collateral quake damage here too. another secondhand oven, because after a while it was quite hard cooking with only a microwave, lol. and the washing machine developed a warped mind of its own so needed electronic motherboard replaced.
good luck with your flattie or boarders! i hope i get some before i go completely bonkers, rofl

chrisalis, Sep 6, 3:21pm
It was like that in my old house, the oven kept falling apart and it wasn't worth fixing man that place was fecked in the end. I need flatmates to pay for this now as it went about $80,000 over budget due to retaining wall etc. Its all good, so awesome after yrs of hard hard living:) This is the first winter I have been warm in four plus years, got insulation, no gaps, the rooms are all attached to each other which is an improvement as the bathroom sorta fell off the old house, warm fire, heatpump its all good. So I guess out of all the bad finally some peace :)

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