Need to find a good dentist, as very nervous patient. In Christchurch

52261, Jun 29, 5:27 pm

Garden City Dental

zoopa, Jun 29, 6:52 pm

Dave Mckenzie at Hornby dental , if he hasn't retired .
I love the cute way he tries to hide the needle as he's bringing it up to your mouth .

golfaholic2, Jun 29, 7:07 pm

Kristine at St Albans Dental is awesome!

family007, Jun 29, 9:50 pm

Redwood family dentists great. I should know, have to be knocked out just for a filling LOL!

donkey007, Jun 29, 10:07 pm

Time Dental

jules555, Jun 30, 4:24 pm

I was there a few weeks ago, and don't think his name was on the list of dentists. Just about all Chinese names now

craftylady1, Jun 30, 4:45 pm

Thanks everyone, now I just have to pluck courage

52261, Jun 30, 6:42 pm

Good luck, it can be scary if you haven't been for a while. My husband hadn't been for years and now has to get a lot of work done :-( Anyway, he has been going to Lumino in Shirley. He has found them great, very calm and explains everything and very patient with nervous patients.

vintage_betty, Jul 1, 8:23 am

I can endorse time dental also in Bishopdale. Andrew Were he is very professional at a comparatively reasonable price. If you want to be put to sleep then Garden city dental but you will pay accordingly for this service.

brighteyes16, Jul 1, 5:25 pm

I used to use Riccarton Team Dental, they were great and very good with this nervous nellie!

dogbond, Jul 1, 6:15 pm

Nope. Much too expensive for what it is. Dental prices vary WILDLY in Chch.

dudekrulz, Jul 1, 7:44 pm

He has definitely retired.

supra_luva, Jul 3, 6:49 pm

Leigh Stevenson at dentistry with a smile

chickybabe4, Jul 3, 8:55 pm

piker55, Mar 1, 4:44 am

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