Fanfare on northern motorway

It was all lit up this morning. looked great but I wonder if they are going to cut down that great big tree that obscures half of it as you drive south?

traykuku, Jun 12, 12:02 pm

or stop the drivers driving down the motorway taking pic on theirs phones in 100k zone.

smoff79, Jun 12, 1:35 pm

or stop drivers from being blinded from the reflection on the metal on sunny days.

aimz_bj, Jun 12, 1:47 pm

I LOVE it!

junie2, Jun 12, 3:57 pm

Think it looks great - I too wonder if they will cut down the tree!

dorie1, Jun 12, 5:36 pm

The sun strike from it will be interesting!

articferrit, Jun 12, 5:58 pm

I really like it!

melcraig, Jun 12, 7:17 pm

I hope the don't cut down the trees, it's nice seeing it emerge from the trees from the different appeoaches

indigojo, Jun 12, 8:43 pm

I was quite disappointed with the lights, they were no where near as good as the youtube simulation. I suppose my expectation was too high after that.

stillwaters, Jun 12, 9:08 pm

how long till some is distracted and has an accident.

essendon_bomber, Jun 12, 9:14 pm

i think it looks amazing but think that the trees need to go as it blocks the view sth

1973cb, Jun 13, 9:11 am

If it's important I guess there will be some statistics somewhere taken from accidents which have occurred when drivers have been distracted by SkyTower, or the Sydney Harbour Bridge or even our own Chalice. Shit will always happen. Let's just enjoy this without forecasting doom.

junie2, Jun 13, 10:31 am

Really? I see many people completely face down on their phones while driving every day. That's far more dangerous than looking at a sculpture that's actually in the direction you should be looking when driving anyway, and people are doing it all over the place rather than one specific location.

Non issue.

lugee, Jun 13, 12:38 pm

Exactly. I have more problems with idiots around town yacking on their cell phones or texting than looking straight ahead and seeing a sculpture in their line of vision. Its actually been perfectly positioned so people don't drive off the road looking at it (unless you are really thick or an incredibly bad driver lol)

brightlights60, Jun 13, 12:49 pm

I do have to laugh when I see some people go on like this is the first time ever that something interesting has been put within viewing distance of a road. Perhaps they need to get out of Christchurch a bit more.

puddles11, Jun 13, 12:58 pm

Just because something else is more dangerous doesn't automatically mean something slightly less dangerous is a "non issue".

loose.unit8, Jun 13, 1:01 pm

So what, do we enclose every road in a hollow hemispherical prism with a completely featureless and neutral interior so that there's zero distractions for car drivers? You're having a laugh, if people get distracted that's their fault, not the thing that distracted them.

lugee, Jun 13, 3:04 pm

What is it's purpose if not so that people look at it? Eye's off the road = a distraction. Your argument seems to be that people shouldn't look at it. It's an even bigger waste of money in that case.

Sun-strike off it wouldn't be the drivers fault.

loose.unit8, Jun 13, 3:31 pm

Puddles11 If you are saying that I don't get out of ChCh, maybe you might like to pay my travel account for the last 12 months, 15 countries, only 3 of them with English as their first language, maybe its you who would like to "get out of Christchurch a bit more" shit "icons" like the ball and the vase in the square are just that shit. give me the Eiffel tower, the Colosseum, or cruising down the Danube any-day, even going to Berlin beats what we have "manufactured.

to Puddles11 I say " D'akujem"

essendon_bomber, Jun 13, 9:26 pm

"Erected in 1889 as the entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair, it [the Eiffel Tower] was initially criticized by some of France's leading artists and intellectuals for its design . "

murrayt, Jun 13, 9:43 pm

Some people aren't happy unless they're complaining.

mikew, Jun 13, 9:48 pm

and if the ball and the vase are still around in 120 years, I would be very surprised.
Anyway " French artists and intellectuals" are not known for having a lot of common sense, or taste for that matter.

essendon_bomber, Jun 13, 10:07 pm

Would you like some cheese with that

atlantis3, Jun 13, 10:16 pm

I wouldn't call 'eyes off the road' a distraction in all cases. Eyes come off the road to check speedo, mirrors, other side roads every few seconds when driving, yet those wouldn't be called distractions. Distractions are things like three kids fighting in the back seat. If someone can't appreciate some scenery safely without losing concentration (sort of like when driving through the high country, you can take it in without really focussing on it) then they shouldn't be driving.

lugee, Jun 14, 12:51 am

Err, that's great. My post was actually referring to all the comments I have heard since Fanfare was brought over here, talking about it as though it's the first time an art installation has ever been located next to a road, and the perils that will apparently inevitably ensue from this. It was not specific to you at all, but it's great to hear that you're obviously very impressed with your recent travel activity just the same.

puddles11, Jun 14, 3:15 am

hideous piece of tat, and $100 says it will cause an accident within the first 4 weeks

mikechch, Jun 16, 12:05 am

The LED colour washes are old and struggle to throw much light. You also see the light source as they are mounted on the bottom, and the glare from them distracts from the "petals" that are meant to be lit up. Might have worked better when hung up in the air as I believe it was in Sydney

We are all calling it "Bob Parker's Last Laugh"

mikechch, Jun 16, 12:07 am

How do you think you or I would get on if we applied for a Resource Consent for something similar on private land near a motorway known for accidents (2 fatals within 500metres of the "sculpture" just last month)?

We wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting a consent, and "traffic distraction" would be the first justification given by Council and/or National Roads Board when refusing to allow

mikechch, Jun 16, 12:12 am

Have to agree with you here. I think it is a big let down.

mousiemousie, Jun 16, 6:53 am

+1 Agreed. The lighting is nothing like the youtube simulation.

henpen, Jun 16, 11:40 am

Insipid would be a good word

tall_order, Jun 16, 11:51 am

Static objects don't cause accidents . drivers do!
I think you have had this salient fact pointed out to you before & you still try to blame something other than the factual cause.

samanya, Jun 16, 12:17 pm

couching your personal opinions in an offensive manner does not render those opinions fact

mikechch, Jun 16, 12:36 pm

Far less safe, actually.

Many US highways are like that. Featureless.

They're discovering that people "zone out" while driving them. You need variation to look at to keep the brain active.

astrophe, Jun 16, 12:50 pm

We are not talking about Arizona here. There are plenty of variations in the landscape on that stretch of road, already. Bridges, on and off ramps, culverts, bends, trees. Not comparable in any way to what "they" might be saying about USA turnpikes

mikechch, Jun 16, 1:07 pm

Please explain what is so offensive in my post . it's about the truth.
Please explain how a static object is responsible for an accident & not the person responsible for driving the vehicle, If you can do so rationally, then maybe your opinion could have some validity.
btw . I love the fanfare installation, a city needs more than bricks & mortar to make it complete & artworks are a lovely addition, unless one has an extremely narrow outlook. Have a look around cities here & overseas.

samanya, Jun 16, 4:42 pm

I offered a $100 wager. Happy to have someone hold your hundy and mine till we see who is correct?

Money where mouth is OK with you, or just more hot air?

mikechch, Jun 16, 4:51 pm


mikechch, Jun 16, 4:51 pm

I don't gamble.
You didn't answer the question, either, so to jog your memory here we go again.
"Please explain how a static object is responsible for an accident & not the person responsible for driving the vehicle,"
Do you believe in personal responsibility or is everything bad always the fault of someone/something else ?

samanya, Jun 16, 5:00 pm

Funny, that!

You don't do much on Trademe either, other than to maintain a token few trades so that you don't look too obviously like just another one of those zero-feedback experts on everything

mikechch, Jun 16, 6:45 pm

Apparently one happened on Day-1. A nose to tail at the lights immediately to the east

mikechch, Jun 16, 6:48 pm

Attack the messenger when challenged, why don't you?
oops, too late!
Question still not answered . why is that?

samanya, Jun 16, 8:22 pm

& who's fault was it?
Did the fanfare jump out in front of the car . or was the driver not paying full attention to the road, as most of us recognise as a responsibility when in charge of a potentially lethal weapon . ie a vehicle?

samanya, Jun 16, 8:26 pm

I hope you don't get so stressed, obsessive and excited when driving that potentially lethal weapon if you don't find everything going your own way, or you must be quite a hazard on the roads, yourself

Run along now, and calm your nerves with a cup of re-formulated Milo


mikechch, Jun 16, 9:24 pm

If all of those windmill things on it are going full blast , and glinting in the sun, it could be distracting enough for somebody to glance up, and next minute drift into the other lane.

dogbond, Jun 17, 8:51 am

How do my driving skills come in to this conversation?
Oops, I forgot . you don't/can't answer questions that are relevant to the subject . attack, attack on a personal level, is the best you can do, it appears.

samanya, Jun 17, 10:41 am

Its not called distraction these days, its called diverted attention.
I was quite mesmerised by it the other day, as I were coming down the road it was fine and looked great, then as I got closer it had a turning effect.
Its something that needs to be viewed and admired from a distance.

rover79, Jun 17, 11:02 am

Deep breaths

mikechch, May 21, 3:24 am

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