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tool_shop173, Apr 19, 5:27am
Get more progress happening by demolishing both of those eyesores.

janbodean, Apr 19, 6:10am
You obviously see beauty in tilt slab because that seems to be the material of choice in Christchurch.

ryanm2, Apr 19, 6:31am
Is this what the OP stated "lets replace the town hall and cathedral with tilt slab buildings" No, he didn't.
I agree demolish the cathedral and town hall and replace with more beautiful structures. The town hall is so ugly it shouldn't be hard to do.

lm446, Apr 19, 6:45am
And more tools sold?
(Follow the money)

tool_shop173, Apr 19, 6:50am
What I see is a lack of wanting to move forward and more of holding on to the past. Forget the past and what has happened and get a move on with rebuilding for the future. Im not interested in filling the city with tilt slab buildings BUT what I am interested in is "THE REBUILD ITSELF" and the different kinds and shapes of buildings that will emerge.

robotix1970, Apr 19, 7:04am
I don't know or care anymore why any churches or event centres are still standing as I have lost all faith and hope of any officials listening to my opinions. ''welcome to deadchurch! where no-one cares what happens in our 3rd world county''

moodybleu, Apr 19, 7:14am
We are nothing like a third world country. the town hall could go. Its ugly. the Cathedral is probably over sadly and its time to move forward.

lorischch, Apr 19, 8:49am
Oh, is it a town hall? We thought it was an abattoir, by the looks of it.

likit, Apr 21, 10:49am
Demolish the Cathedral but, why replace it, don't we have enough churches, I would sooner our money went on a new stadium so I didn't have to travel to see concerts & big sporting fixtures, unless of course it makes commercial sense to force Cantabrians out of our region & spend our money financially supporting another province , city or country as I'm currently having to

nzoomed, Apr 21, 11:37am
Chch is NZ's tilt slab capitol!

Lets build some decent buildings that will actually be admired in years to come.
Learn from napier, they built art deco, lets not build tilt slab!

dannyboy24, Apr 21, 6:27pm
I like the Deloitte (?) building by the river in town. The curvy glass one. Class.

iwikiwi, Apr 21, 6:36pm
Might look good now; won't look so hot once the glass needs cleaning. Same can be said for copper. Men are not practical when it comes to design, because woman do all the practical stuff, like cleaning, around the home.
Good style stands the test of time; and the Cathedral has style, and is timeless, and attracts tourists.
I'm all for bulldozing the town hall and for keeping the Cathedral. Town Hall is an ugly dated building that no tourist has ever wanted to see.

jonners2013, Apr 21, 6:51pm
Perhaps they'll clean it when it gets dirty?

nzoomed, Apr 21, 9:40pm
Town hall didnt interest me much, but i thought that it was planned to save it?

And IIRC, i think the money that was going to restore this building was more than what the restoration of the cathedral would cost anyway.

It still blows me away that the cathedral is not the #1 priority for restoration, its the most significant landmark in the city.

If you want to learn from San Francisco, they rebuild their town hall brick by brick after carefully dismantling and piecing back together.
The cathedral is a walk in the park compared to that.

janbodean, Apr 21, 10:07pm
tool_shop173 wrote:
What I see is a lack of wanting to move forward and more of holding on to the past. Forget the past and what has happened and get a move on with rebuilding for the future. Im not interested in filling the city with tilt slab buildings BUT what I am interested in is "THE REBUILD ITSELF" and the different kinds and shapes of buildings that will emerge.[/quote
I admire your optimism, but I live in the central city and all that we see is "new" tilt slab buildings going up ad nauseum. I too am interested in the rebuild but would love to see a variety of building materials and styles rather than the square boxes that appear to prevail at the moment.

loose.unit8, Apr 21, 10:09pm
Too much has been lost to bulldozing already.

Fully agree with nzoomed - if the cathedral isn't #1 on the list for restoration, there is something very wrong with this city.

jonners2013, Apr 21, 10:40pm
it's privately owned. whether "the city" deems it priority or not is not really relevant. i'm very sure the council would like it sorted ASAP because it's a pile of rubble smack bang in the middle of the CBD, but it's a private matter between the owner and their insurer.

loose.unit8, Apr 21, 10:53pm
It is absolutely not a private matter at all.

Even disregarding the donated land and the tens of millions of dollars of ratepayers money which has gone into it. it's a Category 1 heritage building - that gives it legal protection against the owners demolishing it.

"It would be extremely difficult if not impossible to get legal permission to demolish one of the most, if not the most, significant category-one heritage building in the country and I can think of no occasion where such an application has succeeded." "The reality remains that the cathedral is a category-one heritage building that the laws of the country have been specifically designed to protect from demolition. In addition, in the City Plan the building is also categorised as a Group A scheduled building, protected by the Christchurch City plan. The legal impediments to demolition are overwhelming."


nzoomed, Apr 22, 12:07am

All valid points, again, i cant believe how the whole thing has been handled.

I want to see something nice when i come back to Chch, too much has already been lost.

bookmart, Apr 22, 7:29pm
I don't care whether they demolish the cathedral or repair it or whatever, I just wish they would start it!. I can see that everyone will still be arguing about it in 20 years time! Please just do something. And don't get me started on that heap of rubble on the Brougham / Colombo st corner!

muffin2, Apr 23, 12:29am
same here. there are a few who think the cathedral can be 'saved', but these are people who just want it to be saved because they 'like it and it has always been there. the cathedral is munted and it HAS to go
Wife & I left Chch because we knew it would take at least 10 years for Chch to start to look normal. now we are thinking more like 20-25 yrs.
There's too much red tape and beauracratic nonsense stopping progress!

shannie1998, Apr 23, 3:44am
Have you read the engineers reports from both the Church and those trying to save the Cathedral?

They are available on the CERA website.
Both reports agree on a couple of major points -
- the foundations are in excellent condition and
- the Cathedral can be restored.

While on the CERA website you may also like to check the classification for the land the Cathedral sits on - its green zone. You can't get any better.

raynz2, Apr 23, 8:44am
the Anglican church has the most money of all churches in nz they can afford to pay for a new one no more rate payer money for a church that few go to

shannie1998, Apr 23, 8:56am
300,000 people (both locals and tourists) visited the 
Christ Church Cathedral every year - before the earthquakes
I wouldn't have classed that as "a Church that few go to".

I don't know of many other buildings in Christchurch that could boost that sort of visitor numbers.

Reference : City Library 

If you check the Amazing Cathedral website you 'll see most of the money towards a restoration has already been raised. No ratepayer or taxpayer funds would be required.

robotix1970, Apr 25, 10:14am
if the cathedral gets demolished then i think all the other tall buildings should also be demolished as it's simple ''demolish one = demolish all'' tall buildings that are higher than two levels for ''safety reasons''. as well as consider changing the name from christ-church to something else more fitting.

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