What just flew over?

chromis, Aug 8, 12:16am
It made an awesome noise whatever it was.

letitia, Aug 8, 12:33am
Didn't hear a thing.

chromis, Aug 8, 12:47am
Must've just been over my place then.

jon9, Aug 8, 1:20am
I heard it around lunchtime, must have been a jet of some sort.

pdh, Aug 8, 11:04am
It was an Air Force jet (or similar)

annie30a, Aug 9, 3:01am
This flys low over Christchurch from time to time. It has that distinctive jet fighter noise.

jcmp21, Aug 9, 3:43am
We don't have Air force "jets", apart from passenger aircraft after the ClarkenFuhrer cancelled the purchase of more modern fighter jets.

Then after Helen single-handedly soured relations between the US and NZ, the sale of our Skyhawks to "save money" was vetoed, the jets sat wrapped in plastic for years, costing tens of millions of dollars each year to keep in paddocks, going nowhere.

planespotterhvn, Aug 9, 9:29am
And near new Aermacchis MB339s were also layed up, their exotic (And slightly radioctive) alloy Rolls Royce engines corroding from lack of being regularly heated up to boil off the moisture. Ruined, and just scrap value.

planespotterhvn, Aug 9, 9:32am
Maybe it was Bob Jones' new Cessna Citation Mustang that he purchased so he no longer had to watch the puerile safety videos and succumb to the bossyness of the cabin crews. But has it the range for international flights?

martin11, Aug 10, 3:14am
Wrong Draken bought 9 of them with the Skyhawks and all were back in the air flying very soon after arrival at their new home

martin11, Aug 10, 3:28am
Range: 2,161 km
Cruise speed: 630 km/h
Wingspan: 13 m
Length: 12 m
Top speed: 772 km/h
Manufacturer: Cessna
Engine types: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600, Turbofan

jcmp21, Aug 11, 6:31am
Wrong, they were also blocked from sale for many years along with the skyhawks.

martin11, Aug 11, 6:59pm
But they were finally sold to Draken with the Skyhawks . They were not scrapped .

jcmp21, Aug 12, 8:06am
How many years after they parked up and for how much less than they would have been sold for if the embargo wasn't placed on them? You can lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig

rover79, Sep 3, 4:18pm

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