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stillwaters, Apr 27, 7:34am
That structure as you are driving between Kaiapoi and CHCH, with that big scaffolding next to it, with the other thing they are making. It has little windmill type things on the top now. Does anyone know what it is?

pettal, Apr 27, 7:42am
A big waste of money .

stantonfield1, Apr 27, 8:11am
Google fanfare christchurch

melcraig, Apr 27, 8:12am
I wonder what the heck it is every time I drive passed it on the way to work!

jett.industries, Apr 27, 8:14am
It's a load of old bull. no, really, it is a load of old bull that the council decided they had to have.

bosch2006, Apr 27, 8:23am
I saw

ferrarigirl, Apr 27, 8:26am
The CCC claim to have NO money and are making people redundant, but yay! let's waste 2 MILLION dollars on . on. I'm struggling to describe what this is and such a waste of $ that it is. This crazy 'artwork' shite funded by council going on in CHCH needs to stop imo. There are plenty of artists I'm sure that would be happy to donate artworks for a short time in CHCH without this blatant misspending that's going on. What is the point? Distract ratepayers from the lack of progress in many areas by setting up pretty lights and distractions everywhere?

dogbond, Apr 27, 8:37am
Glad somebody has asked this, been wondering myself! Stupid place to put it, could be quite distracting for drivers.

slimgym, Apr 27, 2:38pm
thats what we thought and on a bend as well

I think we got given the art work we ONLY had to pay for it to be put up but yes waste of money

poppy127, Apr 27, 10:12pm
A great waste of 2 million dollars.

zoopa, Apr 27, 10:52pm
It's a Neil Dawson art piece

cybernan2, Apr 28, 1:12am
I think I heard we were given it from Sydney.

fewspot, Apr 28, 1:20am
sydney had the eyesore hanging on the bridge for i think the millenium, then found a dickhead like BUILDER BOB (Parker) to unload it on. so now it can join the blow up football, the ellislie garden show, the metal ice cream cone, the metal wine glass in papanui and various other public funded Cr&^%$#P.

jessebird, Apr 28, 1:33am
Why is the Council allowed to waste so much money, some things they spend on are useless.

harrislucinda, Apr 28, 1:45am
don't think the council payed for it or ? /

poppy127, Apr 28, 3:27am
They spent 1.3 million repairing it,then $750,000 putting it up.

jcmp21, Apr 28, 3:31am
Yet the Dalziel fans will only gear up to protest if they think that the former Mayors wife has eaten a muffin. I wonder if the mayor has seen it, possibly in pictures as it sounds like she's not in town very much.

bootsy2003, Apr 28, 4:22am
It cost the City of Sydney $2m initially to commission it. They gifted it to Chch. CCC are contributing $350,000 towards installation costs, rest was from sponsorship and fundraising.

samanya, Apr 28, 4:35am
I like the artist impressions of it & I think it will be great. I love the art work in & around Wellington as well.

b-rowdy, Apr 28, 4:56am
Its artwork?

teddybearlover, Apr 28, 4:56am
Great idea.
Put it near a MOTORWAY
What are people going to do?
STOP on the Motorway to look at it.
The cheese cutter that is suppose to stop this will not work as people will just stop when they can.

puddles11, Apr 28, 5:32am
Roadside art is quite popular in other places - Melbourne, as one example, has quite a few interesting pieces scattered along their major routes and I haven't heard of them having significant issues with people stopping in the middle of the road to look at them. I guess it's always going to be a tougher sell in a more provincial town like Christchurch though.

jkp58, Apr 28, 5:39am
they will have to remove it .once it causes a road death.Are these people who decided to put such a distraction beside a motorway just plain stupid.I vote stupid

dogbond, Apr 28, 6:47am
It's already distracting and not even finished yet! The other day those top bits were turning in the wind, the sun glinting off them as they turned was very bright

blairhs, Apr 28, 7:13am
NZTA wouldn't be likely to approve anything they considered a traffic hazard.

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