Coastal Hazards - Proposed District Plan

There is a drop in session today at the new Brighton Community Board offices in Union Street on this topic. There will be council staff there to talk to about the LIM's and they will have copies of the presentations made across the area in the last few weeks, so if you have time between 3.30 and 6pm tonight, stop by.
It's really important we talk about this because final day for submissions is 4 Sept (deeply ironic) and it could affect many people's property values, insurance, renovation plans, rebuilds. It seems pretty sneaky to me that we only had 30 days to submit on this and it's quite complicated to get your head around.

batty211, Sep 3, 3:41 pm

Well lucky no-one looked at this cos I've just been down there and it's locked up tighter than . I dunno, just locked up. Not very helpful.

batty211, Sep 3, 4:26 pm

Submission period extended to Oct 16.

william1980, Sep 3, 11:00 pm

Yep, good news about the extension.

batty211, Sep 4, 7:34 am

There is an easy online form here for people to submit directly to the council

corkranb, Jun 17, 3:23 am

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