Beach Grove. Kaiapoi

Hi. We like what we see of this new sub division and wondered whether anyone had any knowledge of this place ? Thanks :)

gregjo, Aug 5, 5:11 pm

there is another post under BEACH GROVE, look at that, it a horrible subdivision

kids4ever, Aug 5, 6:28 pm

its built on very muddy ground , if you buy a section or house in there , buy a boat you will need it too leave one day

grad111, Aug 5, 6:31 pm

Read other post on Beach Grove! I would not live there or at Silverstream!

sharonann1, Aug 9, 1:54 pm

It would be very easy to get lost finding your own house after a night out

kiwi-d, Aug 10, 11:10 am

I have this problem when we try to find a friends house in the new Wigram subdivision. The houses look almost identical and our friends house is indistinguishable from the house next door. One time we parked down their driveway and another car came to park there. Turns out we were at the wrong house!

tygertung, Aug 10, 7:50 pm

and it's not helped by the way owners/developers seem to be so slow at putting up letter boxes with numbers.

jonners2013, Aug 11, 10:01 am

you need to make sure you have good neighbours. So you can ring them when you want to open your windows so they can shut theirs as they are soo close.

bubbleburp, Aug 11, 10:12 am

So not great then ?.

gregjo, Aug 11, 4:27 pm

Its like being in Aranui but worse. We went in there for a look. There were about 7 maori children, raging from 4-9 just roaming the streets without any supervision. Gross place i would never consider it.

pauliswiked, Sep 8, 7:48 pm

stupid comment is stupid.

jonners2013, Sep 8, 7:52 pm

that is rather over the top and , ridiculous comment ever, gosh get your head out of the clouds

kids4ever, Sep 9, 9:02 pm

Wasnt it a swamp a few years back?

farminglad, Sep 9, 9:50 pm

it was , that why ower must own a boat .or enjoy mud pies a.

grad111, Sep 9, 9:53 pm

Have they not learnt from Sept 4th

farminglad, Sep 9, 10:24 pm

What about Prestons that is also built on a swamp ?

martin11, Sep 10, 7:29 am

The majority of land in and around Christchurch was swamp or dodgy at some point in time, the only difference is that most of Christchurch was developed long ago and no one is around who can remember when the land was swampy.

jonners2013, May 28, 2:15 am

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