Hagley park cricket oval the council have

slimgym, May 25, 1:27pm
done it again. Over costs again, I don't think the greenkeeper should have lost his job, I think the guy at the councils head should roll. Some of us didn't even want the oval there, now we are stuck with it. Its like the council just giving the rate payers the finger every time.

llew46, May 25, 5:42pm
If one constucted a building for one of the developers on the council and was a dollar over budget, you would not get paid, put them all together in the trough and cost overuns are quite normal to them.

articferrit, May 25, 9:42pm
Just call it "The Tony Marryatt Memorial White Elephant" and add it to the list.

chrise73, May 25, 10:01pm
No pleasing everyone. I think the development has been well worth it.

jamesnmatt, May 25, 10:14pm
So do I.

jon9, May 25, 10:14pm
Same here, wonderful facility for Cricket in Christchurch

chrise73, May 25, 10:18pm
The thing is its only the anti-brigade who pipe up. Most of the Cantabs i know back it. They have developed a great venue on minimal budget.

cassina1, May 25, 11:49pm
But if it can not be used all year round it isnt unless of course cricket games were priced to cover the cost of maintaining it over the Winter. Then I bet you will say its not worth it.

jonners2013, May 25, 11:53pm
Most large developments end up over initial budgeting.

Rarely is there a genuinely fixed price contract.

chrise73, May 26, 12:20am
Of course if tickets were insanely high i would think it was stupid. Council funds a wide range of things - some you will agree with, some you wont. I for one am not a huge fan of my rates paying for/subsiding libraries and swimming pools.

cassina1, May 26, 12:53am
If there was no ratepayer/taxpayer money involved I bet there would be.

bobin55, May 26, 2:46am
chrise73 then you don't know many cantabs then.

ozz1, May 26, 6:37am
some people moan. others dont.

ryanm2, May 26, 8:00am
agree - if its only going to cost ratepayers $300,000 a year to maintain it, then its money well spent. Much better than a flower show.

ps - how many Tony Marryatt's would we have got for $300,000?

william1980, May 26, 12:17pm
In the grand scheme of overruns on other projects - ie convention centre - this is pretty minor and the ground has already been used and enjoyed by thousands of people.

slimgym, May 26, 8:42pm
Its a white elephant. As the greenkeeper said should have kept the one at QE2. That way no parking problems for hospital people or cricket people.
Give us back hagley park. The ratepayers of chch were totally miss lead over the whole thing

strats5, May 29, 9:56am
There were no significant parking issues last summer.
Apparently there were about 9 moanbonders who opposed the oval development. Misery loves company.
Cricket prevails. This is Canterbury- its what we do!

slimgym, Aug 14, 4:08pm
No significant parking issues last summer where did you get fact from

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