Running/walking spots in Christchurch?

Somewhere that isn't isolated and is safe to go alone?

themillers1, Jun 3, 12:24 am

Hagley park always has people about. I do Harry Ells track from the kids playground of Victoria park, it is isolated but if you go after 9am on a sat there are heaps of people that go from there (or down further) to the sign of the kiwi. So not really as isolated as it feels.

redphoenix3, Jun 3, 12:36 am

Lots of tracks up the hills, pick the more popular ones. The Port Hills Licker wont bother you if you don't have a dog. Also Halswell quarry, the beaches, around the river in the red zone is always lovely, and usually others about too

zoopa, Jun 3, 2:32 am

Bridle path from the Gondola side to Lyttleton. I do this one often and always people walking the track but not over crowded.

jae.p, Jun 3, 3:43 am

the port hills licker? what have i been missing out on?

redphoenix3, Jun 3, 3:57 am

astrophe, Jun 3, 4:59 am

The beach and marine parade dunes track always has lots of runners. Bottle lake forest has lots of rec users- cyclists, runners and walkers.
Lots of runners do the loop of Travis wetlands.

gaspodetwd, Jun 3, 7:27 pm

Halswell Quarry is popular but beware of dogs that may run at you if the owner is not keeping an eye on them.

cassina1, Jul 11, 4:32 pm

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