City to surf question

stefanie1, Jan 25, 4:04am
Are children allowed scooter next to me for this event? Thinking of participating for first time ever

shakirafan, Jan 25, 5:42am
"No Dogs, Bicycles or Rollerblades Permitted, thank you."

I would guess a scooter would not be allowed either, for the safety of others.

jcmp21, Jan 25, 5:44am
Imagine having kids on scooters zooming around between people, nightmare.

milo134, Jan 25, 7:11am
Well they certainly use them! I've done it the last few years (not with kids) and there are kids there with rollerblades and scooters. to be honest it's crowded so they are far safer walking or jogging with you.

sw20, Jan 25, 7:27am
City2Surf is a free for all.

sw20, Jan 25, 7:28am
BTW if you are walking, get to the back of the line.

aimz_bj, Jan 25, 8:19am
There was kids on scooters last year :)

astrophe, Jan 25, 6:11pm
True dat. They don't enforce their rules. Go ahead and show up with the wheeled kid - why not? Everyone else does.

sw20, Jan 25, 9:26pm
Here I was last year, running happily along at about mid 5 minute per kilometre pace, and I get passed by husband and wife either side of me, pushing babies in buggies.

stefanie1, Jan 26, 12:01am
Afterooking on website 80$ for us to walk 6km think I will just take the kids towalk around hagley park

pommie777, Jan 26, 12:45am
Don't look at the Colour Run. We did that last year - $255 for four of us! (no discount for kids unless they're under 5). And to make it worse, it was 8 degrees, with a howling southerly and freezing rain for the entire run - in February. Not something we'll be repeating in a hurry.

daisyhill, Jan 26, 12:47am
The Colour Run was brutal, wasn't it?! I have never been so cold at an event. It's also very expensive for something that doesn't even benefit any charities.

sw20, Jan 26, 1:20am
$80 for a 5k run? Are they having a laugh? The full Christchurch Marathon is $80 and is a far more organised event, not just a run around an already closed off park.

teamgjt, Jan 26, 1:24am
Please don't let your children take scooters!
They damn well hurt when you get rammed with them :-(

teamgjt, Jan 26, 1:25am
It's $20 PP

sw20, Jan 26, 1:28am
The Colour Run is $80. The City2Surf is indeed $20, and it goes to charity. Thought the 5k would have given it away.

pommie777, Jan 26, 2:02am
Yes, it was awful. The weather didn't really get bad until we were already there, or we probably would have given it a miss (despite the cost). Our poor kids were absolutely freezing, so we left as soon as we finished it (when, typically, the sun came out!)

bosch2006, Feb 3, 3:08am

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