Parkview school

stevie1, Jan 18, 3:54am
We maybe moving into the area, what's the school like

jcmp21, Jan 18, 6:10am
Dunno eh

mcnic, Jan 18, 8:17am
Like all schools it has some awesome teachers, and some not so great, and one's that I think are not so great, others will rave about, and vice versa. I think I've had the worst ones banished, so smooth sailing for the most part from here on in! In past years, IMO, Parkview has been very strong at the new entrants through until Yr 2/3 level, and awesome at the other end, with a drop in the middle (around Yr4). They have two new teachers starting in 2015 which will hopefully improve the middle level. As I imagine the case is with all schools, if you have in interest in your child's learning and pop into the classroom from time to time to show this and touch base with the teacher, you will get the most out of the school. My main gripe is that there is no G & T programme, but at least they do interchange for maths. Of Parkview's 2013 Yr 6's, a huge number made the Chisnallwood extension classes, with one taking out the academic scholarship. All a great credit to the school. There will always be people dissatisfied with any school, but I can say that in the 10 year span that my children have been there it has only got better, and better, and hopefully will continue along the same line.

likit, Jan 18, 11:14am
You dunno much do ya?

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