Garthshore sp ? feedback

cloffie, Jun 18, 9:54am
someone I know asking for feedback good or bad on the above company for repairs TIA

kiwimum, Jun 22, 6:02am
Bad experience all the way. Took shortcuts and did not complete the work. Painted over cracks instead of plastering them, did not remove bricks from house, just pulled them down halfway. Laid new garage floor over top of old broken one meaning garage doors did not open or shut properly. Dumped concrete on pathway and left it there. Wiped paint on the exterior wall of the garage. Used no more nails to glue light into ceiling instead of replacing broken fixtures. Put false ceiling into kitchen instead or taking out broken ceiling per scope. Forgot to fix roof tiles, so new batts and ceilings need to be replaced. Property never signed off androject managers full of broken promises. EQR are investigating shoddy workmanship and damage caused by negligence.

ryanm2, Jun 22, 7:16am
Its Gartshore. They are a large firm.

yellowdolphin, Jun 25, 5:25am
stay away from these guys house is worse than when they repaied it. EQC lawyers involved now

vivienney, Apr 7, 2:30pm
I am aware of a number of complaints regarding the company. Look elsewhere I suggest.

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