Welles St - did anyone see anything?

shannie1998, Sep 4, 5:27am
If you were is Welles Street (in the City) today, by the back entrance to Smith City, - did you see a truck wipe out the side and front of my car?

No note was left but he knew he had done damaged as he picked up the debris from my car that had his own paint on it.

$3500 in damage and still counting.

deerhurst, Sep 4, 5:30am
I would call and report it to the police. Then I would be seeing if you can get any camera footage in the area.

tonijo, Sep 4, 7:11am
Smiths City might have a log of which trucks came in for deliveries and at what time.

kids4ever, Sep 4, 8:35am
what about CTV cameras in the area? must be one close

lil_tarnz, Jun 10, 4:24pm
ooohhh sucky! :(

hope u catch the person!

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