i can hear them in avonhead where are they coming from?

crazy56, Sep 27, 9:03 pm

Faaaaark not sure. Dogs going mental. Loud in hillmorton too

paxie1, Sep 27, 9:05 pm

Heaps going off here - Spreydon/Hillmorton. they were letting them off after midnight last night too!

missbella2, Sep 27, 9:07 pm

They are in Addington , must be something on at the raceway or sport stadium they were very close to our house and went on for ages.

addington261, Sep 27, 9:09 pm

addington261, Sep 27, 9:11 pm

heard in Hornby wondered what the heck was going on . the poor animals

shazbut, Sep 27, 9:34 pm

Not long till guy Fawkes, and many weeks beyond that!

paxie1, Sep 27, 10:03 pm

Anyone who lights off fireworks inconsiderately should be forced to light one up their ass.

steve198, Sep 27, 10:36 pm

I wondered if it was the army didn't see anything but the bangs were really loud

slimgym, Sep 28, 6:57 am

They were big commercial ones at the raceway or rugby league park. No idea why though.

What constitutes inconsiderate?

loose.unit8, Sep 28, 7:49 am

I was in the area and decided to take a look. The fireworks were rather large and obviously it was a professional display. They were at the Addington Raceway. There was a neon sign inside the grounds I could see and it was a private function celebrating an engagement of (going by the names) an Indian couple. Thank you for the display, it was great. I wish I was invited, I love Indian food.

nzanthony, Sep 28, 8:15 am

public displays are fine anytime of the year I think. Inconsiderate is the general public letting them off other than on NOVEMBER 5TH.

paxie1, Sep 29, 10:17 am

Pretty obvious eh yet a lot of people just don't get it.

steve198, Sep 29, 11:18 am

That's illogical. Public displays are far louder surely that makes them more inconsiderate?

loose.unit8, Sep 29, 11:44 am

They are few & far between. You'll maybe hear 2 public displays each year from an average home in Christchurch. When you do hear them you know that after 15 minutes it will stop completely. Also they are not annoying because you know that at least it's a decent display that thousands will be enjoying.

steve198, Sep 29, 12:10 pm

Two eh? I count seven, off hand. There have been two in the last month at addington plus in the last year there have been classical sparks, christmas in the park, the fireworks at the pier, the cricket world cup and Diwali festival. Plus there are the other smaller ones around the place like the ones at Addington.

So 15 mins of noise is ok but half an hour isn't ? Most private ones are over within half an hour. You're talking about banning something because the smallest of tiny minorities take it to a silly level.

For a little bit of noise pollution, I say let people have their fun.
Hours and hours of party noise is far worse.

loose.unit8, Sep 29, 12:54 pm

try living near a park when fireworks go on sale ! They go on for months & some little #&% 's take great pleasure in starting their fireworks around 2am :(

lyndad59, Sep 29, 1:16 pm

It's gonna have to take a little kid getting it's hand blown off or worse for them to be finally banned much to the relief of the fire service, animals, hospitals & those who like a good night sleep.

steve198, Sep 29, 1:41 pm

If it's unreasonable, ring noise control. Noise complaints are their job.

loose.unit8, Sep 29, 1:56 pm

They are a ineffective & a complete waste of time.

steve198, Sep 29, 1:57 pm

And who's fault would that be? Not the responsible people, nor the fireworks. If you ban fireworks, the idiots would just move on to something different and you'd be back to square one.

The joy they create in the many hundreds thousands (millions?) of people who do like them are worth the small amount of negative effects.

loose.unit8, Sep 29, 2:00 pm

Would children really miss out if fireworks were banned (excluding sparklers)? On Guy Fawkes the kiddies could play with sparklers then go to a public display & they would have a great night.

As for adults enjoying private fireworks they should quit being so childish & skydive or ride a motorbike or something if they want a cheap thrill.

steve198, Sep 29, 2:14 pm

Its not a "thrill" its "fun"

nzoomed, Sep 29, 4:07 pm

"So 15 mins of noise is ok but half an hour isn't ? Most private ones are over within half an hour. You're talking about banning something because the smallest of tiny minorities take it to a silly level."

but its not 15 minutes. it is 100's of households over weeks and weeks.
the Councils need to put on public displays around the city, in different parks, make it easy for people to get to.

Then its over and done with in one night. Can't wait for the damn things to be banned.

paxie1, Sep 29, 4:16 pm

nzoomed, Mar 13, 2:20 am

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