I - site travel advisor job interview! HELP

binz10, Aug 31, 12:24am
I have a job interview with i-site for a travel advisor position.
They require me to do a map test on the city. Would that be location and pin pointing attraction?

Thanks in advance :-)

dogbond, Aug 31, 1:20am
I should say so. They will need to know that you can easily identify attractions, landmarks, places of interest, train station, hotels, that sort of thing. Go on their website and see places they themselves reccomend, as they will most likely base their questions on those.
Good luck!

neldav, Aug 31, 1:27am
Look up trip advisor ChCh. that site gives you the top attractions, motels, hotels, restaurants etc.

binz10, Jun 29, 2:35pm
Thanks guys, good tips.

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