The Press - birth notices. No More?

coverdrive, Jul 17, 7:18pm
Can someone please clarify whether or not The Press prints birth notices? They seem to have disappeared from the copies I have seen.

craftylady1, Jul 17, 7:58pm
online or the paper?

craftylady1, Jul 17, 8:00pm

likit, Jul 17, 10:18pm
Ring The Press I'm sure they will know

kiwi_gem, Jul 18, 3:22am
I think they mostly appear in Saturdays paper only as that is where I usually see them

rockdale1, Jul 18, 4:07am
Our Southland Times no longer prints sports results, no incentive for keen sports people to see their names and friends names in the results.
Will probably cancel paper like heaps of others now and read it online as we are being forced to by the look of it.

indigojo, Jul 18, 7:26am
Last time I did a birth notice in The Press it was about $50 (about 9yrs ago today!). For our youngest child we did a colour photo in the local newspaper for free (& the same when he started school this year). maybe The Press have priced themselves out.

william1980, Jul 18, 11:44am
Still there last time I looked. Most time their notices to run on Saturdays.

slimgym, Jul 18, 3:28pm
yes mostly like death notices on saturdays

nzmax, Jul 19, 1:53am
The "hatched, matched and despatched" section

sophiesmum5, Jul 19, 8:56am
Too expensive. There's nowhere near the amount printed now that used to be.

william1980, Jul 19, 12:45pm
A more likely reason is that it's fairly antiquated idea - announcing a birth or engagement in the paper. Most people just email, text or Facebook the people they care to know.

calista, Jul 19, 1:22pm
If you're looking in the index to the Classified section they are listed as "family notices"

joburger, Jul 24, 6:52pm
Saturday seems to be the main day. People just use Facebook. Free, in colour, crisp clear photos.

craftylady1, Jul 24, 8:16pm
. not everyone has FB. more so people of the older generation who likely don't even have a computer.

I have kept all my kids birth notices, and used to (when we go The Press delivered) cut birth notice out and stick in a baby card and send it to the new parents. Used to get the notices out of friends/neighbours paepr, if they didn't want them

sylvia, Oct 26, 3:44pm
We kept the whole paper for the day the birth notices were in for our children. Presented them with them at their 21st parties. Was very interesting to go through the old adverts and news.

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