Pegasus roundabout

Well, its a year ago there was concern on here about the pineacres intersection. the fix for that was to reduce the speed of vehicles if there was traffic coming onto the main road.
Northern outlook states there has been no major incidents reported about the Pegasus roundabout.
Since it's been there I would say there have been at least 10 vehicles that have mounted the left side curbs and wheels onto the grass.
Was it 2 weeks ago it was obvious a truck was right off the road on the South East curb and just up from that car brake marks on an angle into the fence.
The approach speed is too high for what the roundabout can handle safely. Safer approach speed would be 50k's.
Probably the round about is too small for being a main road roundabout.

rover79, Sep 5, 11:43 am

I have found the whole layout somewhat weird, of Pegasus Town that is. Weird narrow streets, one way streets, no front access to some houses (got lost doing a delivery then found the house had no front street access, rather a back alley to its garage was the only access). Find it not user friendly and those tiny, tiny sections in places. Very odd little "town" that hasn't lived up to its hype.

brightlights60, Sep 5, 10:03 pm

The roundabout is too small for the speed. You have to slow down a lot

hayster94, Sep 5, 11:59 pm

It has a great cafe

craftylady1, Sep 6, 7:41 am

The entry speed is 70kph,far to fast for the roundabout.
Large vehicles have trouble staying strictly in the lanes marked at 25kph.
This is just another highly organized " Balls Up" made by our planners, and should be rectified before there is a serious mishap there at the Pegasus Roundabout on State Highway one.

oxo50, Sep 6, 8:49 am

The easiest thing to do is to drop the speed on SH1 to 50kph in the vicinity of the roundabout.

xmakara, Sep 6, 12:36 pm

Do we really need a posted max speed at ever corner, intersection, or roundabout? Johns road is 80km but everyone slows down for those roundabouts without too much difficulty.

indigojo, Sep 6, 1:24 pm

Probably they should never have been allowed to create a situation where a development required a roundabout as opposed to a flyover / sliproad set up.

Who approved that numpty plan? There might be pre-existing towns along the highway which we can't avoid having to slow for, but building new impediments to free-flowing traffic was stupid from the outset.

omnicow, Jun 5, 2:28 am

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