Op shops :)

granny98, Feb 27, 4:28pm
I went to Habitat for Humanities op shop today, I was most impressed. 189 Waltham Rd.
& the salvation army have finally got their store rebuilt in Woolston.

voidhawkltd, Feb 27, 8:08pm
There were some lovely brand new designer things in the new woolston salvation army shop, pants with tags of $170 reduced to $20 etc. It's a great looking shop and feels nice to browse in but most of the gear is too pricey for an op shop (IMO). I still prefer the SPCA one just down from the salvation army, it's smaller but they have nice things a lot cheaper.

katrina178, Feb 27, 11:55pm
must check this waltham rd one out.

-weasel-, Feb 28, 1:16am
I went to the Salvation Army one in Hornby the other day. Why anyone would shop there is beyond me. Far more expensive then The Warehouse or Toy World. Really disappointing, if they had good prices they would be helping their community aswell as themselves.

moodybleu, Feb 28, 1:19am
I second that.

wasgonna, Feb 28, 2:00am
That's why they made $23 million profit last year and their staff who are volunteers must meet turnover targets. Not a charity and should pay tax.

kay34, Feb 28, 2:31am
I 3rd that!

kids4ever, Feb 28, 3:08am
gosh I wouldn't work there if you have to make a target, gosh being a volunteer is enough, that's terrible

waleedwahsh, Jan 12, 6:46am
Hornby salvation army, in fact most Chch salvation army stores, have ridiculous prices. There is the odd bargain, but I truly think that don't know about trade me. Before Christmas I saw a kids table with wooden train set for sale - for $150. A lady was looking at it for her kids as a Christmas present. I went up to her and told her that the Warehouse had the EXACT same thing on sale that week for $80. The toys are often particularly over-priced.

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