We're shaking

jon9, Apr 25, 4:10am
Full cellphone Coverage here in CHCH City


dcm30, Apr 25, 4:11am
Must be the Spark network down

wayne416, Apr 25, 4:12am
Interesting Canterbury/ Wellington quake live not showing it. Perhaps we need one in .between

stillwaters, Apr 25, 4:12am
yeah my cell working, but erratic, and not doing what I want

bandrach, Apr 25, 4:16am
Missed the whole thing

dreamingofbali, Apr 25, 4:36am
Snap. Can still zoom out on their maps and see the whole of NZ including all the faultlines (which Geonets map doesn't show) but can't see the exact epicentre of the quake because it's 'in-between' as you say. Wanted to see how far away it was centred from any of the mapped faults

100peaks, Apr 25, 5:09am
I was trying to work out the fault it was on, too

roshu, Apr 25, 5:14am
Probably the Awatere Fault, according to Mr, the geography master.

tomytidlemouse, Apr 25, 5:22am
right in middle of my nana nap - no rest for the wicked

bantamus, Apr 25, 5:29am

bantamus, Apr 25, 5:30am
Just remember; as they found out in Canterbury; for every mapped fault there is probably another half doze not mapped.

lambrat, Apr 25, 5:50am
been kinda housesitting friends' 7 cats, just came out of their place & was putting key in ignition, the van seemed to be rocking, i thought hmm, i'm sure i'm not imaging that, jumped out and ran back inside.
sure enough, 3 of the 5 cats there snoozing had woken up, so i guessed the quake was elsewhere, said a prayer, thinking if it was big elsewhere for that long it could be very messy for those folks. very glad it wasn't right under a large population.
edit, 3 not 4

craftylady1, Apr 25, 6:08am
My cat still hasn't recovered from the Feb quake. He got stuck inside between the bed and the wall.

He blames me for that, and only says hello at food time, and don't see him in between

zoopa, Apr 25, 6:41am
Didn't feel I thing, but thought I was having a head spin. Then I noticed all the undies and stuff on the racks at The Warehouse were swinging. No one else noticed though. Can't believe how much stuff moved for not feeling any motion myself.

flynn63, Dec 6, 2:47pm
We felt it in Blackball.

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