Building with Mike Greer, pros and cons?

jou500, Jul 20, 7:15am
Looking to build with them, what can you tell me?

carl__, Jul 20, 7:39am
Don't do it.

jane310567, Jul 20, 8:02am
haven't heard great things esp. Mike Greer Hills but no personal experience.

david_270, Jul 20, 8:44am
Caveat Emptor.
Would have thought they were very busy with all their spec builds and IC rebuilds. Would they give you a contract with a finite completion date, and penalties for over-running the CD?

tracy61, Jul 20, 10:00am
We're building with Mike Greer Homes North Canterbury and have had a fantastic experience so far. Design stage went very smoothly, consent issued very quickly (from memory around 2 weeks). Our project manager is very pro-active and any concerns or questions we have had to date have been dealt with promptly. Our build is scheduled to take approx 5 months and at the moment everything is dead on track for the projected handover.

smf6661, Jul 20, 10:26am
We are building with them & so far its taken 3 months to get the permit as they kept getting things wrong on the plan etc.They picked the colour we are having on the outside plus the cladding we had no input plus I havent picked out any thing for the inside & yet the lady in the front unit has picked out all her things.We have been thru so much stress my husband & I are hardly talking to each other any more after 45 years of marriage.We will be out for 36 to 38 weeks.

tracy61, Jul 20, 10:45am
I'm sorry to hear that smf6661. It's stressful enough having to go through a rebuild let alone be mucked around. I too have not heard great things about Mike Greer Christchurch and we were recommended to go through the North Canterbury branch of Mike Greer. I think who your dealing with plays a big part in how things go. During our design phase we couldn't have asked for a better rep and our PM is just amazing.

pommie777, Jul 20, 9:56pm
Does his first name start with H? We built with MG Nth Canty two years ago and our PM was like that (as was our builder). We had absolutely no issues during the build - 16 weeks from consent being granted to moving in. There are still a few unresolved issues that we are trying to get sorted now and MG have been a bit slow at chasing people up to come and sort them. As far the actual build process though, we were very happy.

rachjase, Jul 20, 10:45pm
We built with Mike Greer North Canterbury on a small lifestyle section. Design stage went well. Consent about 10 working days. We move in Feb this year and are loving our new home. I too have heard bad things about the CHCH branch, but North Canterbury have been awesome to deal with and nothing is a problem. Highly recommend

tracy61, Jul 21, 3:02am
Yes it does start with H - an absolute professional!

pommie777, Jul 21, 3:18am
Sounds like the same one and yes, I agree. We had complete trust in him, as first time builders and he never let us down once.

drcjp, Jul 21, 5:58am
I heard MG had trouble selling quite a few new homes - it seems the market has reached peak and there is a glut of new homes around.

fatima1, Dec 2, 1:09pm
My mum bought one of his over 60 units a few years ago. Attention to detail in the finishing was lacking. There was an issue with the tiling in the bathroom that took ages for them to come back and remedy. Absolutely no after sales service whatsoever!

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