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shz1, Jan 21, 1:10am
Herr is a update in late November we had a second which only took a 1hour. Which we don't believe was long enough.
We went up just before xmas and have ended up with another test which we are waiting for results from now.
Our health is getting affected big time aswell

So because of this we still waiting on finishing touch ups from moving in 7 mths ago.

shz1, Aug 11, 4:54am
We have just finished a horrible build with heaps of problems to be in the house 8 weeks. My husband went up into cavity this afternoon to run some wires and we have found mould everywhere roof paper that was black is now white . Wooden beams covered in mould

Please check your home. If u have built in last year or more

devine-spark, Aug 11, 5:45am
That is horrible shz1. Why?

shz1, Aug 11, 5:52am
Well if it's happening to our 8 week old house how many others is like ours. And how often do people go into the roof of a new house . We never except to find this on a new home . So it's just a warning and the risk with mould in homes isn't to be taken lightly

jane310567, Aug 11, 7:21am
what is causing this? we have a loft for storage so go up quite often.

panicky, Aug 11, 8:04am
probably the framing being soaking wet from rain and then not able to dry out

shz1, Aug 11, 8:59am
We have no idea and Company are been slow to react . But when roof went on it was during a dry patch .

wanderer52, Aug 11, 9:07am
Sheesh! I hope this gets sorted straight away, it sounds very unhealthy.

planespotterhvn, Aug 14, 9:49pm
Do your bathroom extractor fans dump into the roof cavity? Anyway you can ventilate that loft? Leaky non sealed recessed downlights and HRV etc ventilators are not a good match.

planespotterhvn, Aug 14, 9:50pm
If you have a garage man hole access, leave the panel out of the hole to ventilate.

shz1, Aug 15, 2:55am
Nothing is been dumped Into roof. We now waiting on results from testing .
No leaks. No one seems to know why but it's 95 per cent of roof cavity is mould

goldclan, Aug 15, 3:15am
This is horrific for you and so unhealthy especially when it is all dried out and the spores float everywhere. 8 weeks in house means was starting before you moved in.
Why not picked up by CCC final CoC inspection i wonder?

supersapper, Aug 15, 3:25am
They don't go up into the roof to inspect it in the final inspection. That part would've been signed off previously.

niknaks, Aug 15, 10:09am
Was it built within a certain time frame with penalties for the builder if not completed in time?

andrewcg53, Aug 15, 10:23am
No ventilation in the roof

jimgammy, Aug 15, 10:33am
This. Have a couple of roof vents put in near the highest point.

wanderer52, Aug 15, 11:09am
OP, out of interest, what colour is your roof?

goldclan, Aug 16, 1:25am
I have rung the CCC inspectors office to check this.
Some inspectors do for the final inspection and some building companies ask for this and some don't.

cortstang, Aug 16, 7:25am
Council inspectors should be checking the roof cavity on the final inspection to ensure batts are installed correctly, wiring fixed correctly, ventilation ducted correctly etc etc. no excuses, also I'm a builder and would be real keen to see photo's if possible, very strange.

shz1, Aug 17, 4:22am
Cortstang! !
Can upload any as on husband phone
But if you email me . Telling me it's you
I can send some.

wanderer52, Aug 17, 5:14am
Hi shz, what colour is your roof?

shz1, Aug 17, 7:35pm
Black colour steel

wanderer52, Aug 18, 5:25am
Hmmm I suppose the heat from the black iron is heating things up under the roof and if it's airtight, there's constant evaporation and condensation taking place daily.
We hope to avoid this problem by having a light coloured roof.

claire351, Aug 20, 7:41am
This problem is caused by the moisture from the concrete floor which can take months to dry out completely.

xxsaffyxx, Aug 20, 10:07am
What? That doesn't sound right. Most houses are built these days with a concrete slab floor without any problems.

Actually, the whole thing doesn't sound right OP. I hope it's easily remedied. Seems so bizzare for a new house to do this, with all the council specs that have to be adhered to (or supposed to be).

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