English food shop in Riccarton is so cheap

jett.industries, Jul 8, 9:16am
All good, I hope they have what you are looking for, if they don't they will get them for you I'm sure.

lilbubble, Jul 8, 2:04pm

usualsuspect, Jul 11, 5:36am
that shop is called Little Britain isnt it? in the garden centre on Riccarton Rd. have passed it often and thought I must go there one day

ebz1974, Jul 12, 8:59am
It's called "Piccadilly Circus". it was called little britain till the end of march. you can find most things there and if you cant Rob 'nobby' will try and get it in for you :) the shop is open in kaiapoi and now church corner and its still going at the riccarton market. but rob doesn't have his shop running on here.

sin01, Jul 14, 9:50am
HI do they sell leek potato package soup?

jett.industries, Jul 15, 12:09am
Sorry, wish I had seen this before I went in there today for a chocolate fix. Will have a look next time I am in there.

ebz1974, Jul 16, 8:03am
they have it in a tin

tomber, Dec 24, 3:18pm
I had to go in today after seeing this thread, couldn't resist and then the place is so cheap so came out with a pile of lollies and treats.

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