Broadhaven Park - compound

likit, Jun 24, 4:48am
At north end has been erected with containers & packs of plywood, anyone know what's happening?

craftylady1, Jun 25, 4:46am
Possibly a new building

wrinkles56, Jun 25, 10:41pm
I saw this and wondered what was going on, The mind boggles.

likit, Jun 26, 8:07am
One of the containers seems to have aircon unit, either that or its a refrigerated container, plus there is about 40 packs of ply

pommie777, Jun 27, 4:48am
I was talking to a friend today who lives near there. She said she asked the workmen who were there the other day and they said it is for some new power cable to go through there, connecting the Rawhiti substation to the Casebrook(?) one. The plywood is to stop the ditches caving in when they dig them (apparently)

tmc1, Mar 29, 3:25pm
i believe its the new 66kv line going across the north and east of christchurch . this line runs from Waimakariri Road through to Rawhiti
Domain. it goes through sawyers arms, gardiners, claridges, sturrocks, prestons, rothersay, aston , beach , marine parade, leaver terrace, shaw ave and finally to rawhiti domain. Work begins at the waimakariri and rawhiti ends at the same time until they join together at the prestons road. There are 2 tmps alread for the orion 66kv line being shown
(see : ) and search the page for orion - there are 2 at the moment for the 66kv line.
I believe the ranger for broadhaven park has allowed some storage at the park for the ease of doing this work

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