Swan plants

catcrazy9, Jan 25, 4:47am
Hi, does anyone want caterpillars for their swan plants? I have too many and am needing to rehome some.

pugswal, Jan 25, 6:25am
Same here! Hungry caterpillars.

vic008, Jan 25, 9:52am
Where do they go once they've eaten themselves out of s home?

slimgym, Jan 25, 6:17pm
mine walk across the driveway and get killed, why do that

jessebird, Jan 26, 12:05am
I have 12 plants and 13 caterpillars all ready fat.

brightlights60, Jan 27, 8:44pm
I could rehome some. Pop a question on my auction. My wife does horticulture and has a good crop of the giant swan plants.

linda61, Jan 27, 9:00pm
We have three plants, two of them really BIG and no caterpillars due to wasps! Any ideas out there? I have brought a few tiny caterpillars inside in a container and they are doing okay.

floydandu2, Jan 27, 9:11pm
My garden is full of lush swan plants. no caterpillars :(

cjh1, Jan 27, 9:56pm
I have a lot of caterpillars that have eaten three plants this week and need rehoming

nzoomed, Jan 27, 10:35pm
Feed them pumpkin.
Its only an urban myth about them causing deformed wings.

catcrazy9, Jan 28, 2:55am
Hi Brightlights, have put a comment on your auction- Thanks :)

oskybosky, Jan 28, 6:11am
I have too many caterpillars too, in the Mairehau area. Any takers?

brightlights60, Jan 28, 6:25am
Thanks catcrazy9. I just found a whole bunch of minute baby caterpillars on a couple of the plants, so I won't take you up on your offer. I usually do a cull to avoid having too many caterpillars for the plants.
Some advice for all the swan plant growers, we always cover two thirds (with wind or shade cloth) of our plants, until the first lot is eaten. We cull the eggs if we get too many as its not kind to raise caterpillars with no hope of enough food for them all. At least then the ones we have make it to maturity and healthy butterflies. Once the first plants are eaten, they get covered, next third exposed and repeat until the last ones are eaten. by that time the first lot have recovered enough.

catcrazy9, Feb 2, 11:53am
Hi Brightlights, thank you for your advice :)

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