I need a new bathroom

Has anyone dealt with The Flooring and Bathroom Warehouse in Waterloo Rd ? If so, what were they like and were you happy with the result ?

Thanks in advance

crusader21, Jan 29, 11:22 am

Used to be called carpet and cargo. Notorious with Christchurch plumbers for importing crap from china.
I used to refuse to install anything that a client had bought from this place.
It is actually illegal for a plumber to install anything that doesn't reach the right New Zealand standards and they could be liable for any damage or repairs so I wouldn't touch this outfit with a barge pole. Same goes for kalessi bathrooms. Chinese rubbish

kerry22, Jan 31, 8:23 am

Thanks for that info - I will have to reassess my plans . The reason I went to them was the fact that they said they could arrange all the tradesmen and I wouldn't know where to start .Back to the drawing board - any suggestions ?

crusader21, Jan 31, 9:27 am

Go to a plumber's merchant, Mico or Plumbing World or Edward Gibbon or Oakleys, choose the stuff you want, negotiate the price, ask for their recommendations for a plumber.

tillsbury, Jan 31, 11:02 am

Or go to a contractor/renovator type business that manages the whole process and tell them "I want this suite" etc. Are Fix-It still in business? There's a heap of places that do that. You don't have to contract your own plumber, and builder, and plasterer, and sparky.

astrophe, Jan 31, 11:03 am

Thanks for your comments I will take my time and look around for a contractor etc

crusader21, Jan 31, 11:46 am

Kalessi are into radio advertising heavily at the moment. They say their stuff is not mass produced? Why is that even important?

planespotterhvn, Sep 11, 5:47 am

Dont use Seafield Renovations.

kletis1, Sep 11, 5:58 am

Kalessi are another one that most plumbers won't touch. They make out like its Italian but it's all Chinese. These guys are dishonest and I wouldn't go there.

If you want a top notch contractor give steve from Payne free bathrooms a call. He is a perfectionist and probably one of the best builders, tilers in Christchurch.

You can get his details through Showerwell.

kerry22, Sep 11, 7:00 am

We used Kalessi, lovey stuff and the staff are easy to deal with, we did have problems but they sorted it no problems
I would use again

cossie5, Sep 11, 12:57 pm

Plumb 'in Bathroom and Kitchen Factory Shop in Tuam St were so helpful to us, they have a wide range of ALL the brands,eg Englefield etc,(none of the cheap Chinese), if the model you want is not in stock they will order it in for you. The Bathroom Installer they gave me the name of was brilliant, so helpful, clean, and a tidy workman, and reasonably priced. I got four quotes from different people and places first before using him. Maintenance Men Christchurch Ltd, they are Bathroom Installation Specialists also and Tim Bowman is a cert. Builder.

goldclan, Sep 11, 2:08 pm

interesting you say that. i dealt with them quite a bit through the course of doing up a couple of houses. they were very upfront and said that their stuff was made in china. a couple of the things were poorly made, but they were replaced very quickly, no questions asked.

jonners2013, Sep 11, 2:19 pm

The problem with kalessi is so much stuff is rubbish and has to go back as two people have commented on here. When this happens they don't reimburse the tradesmen for lost time , which can often hold up jobs for ages and cost a lot, hence why tradesmen won't recommend them

kerry22, Sep 11, 6:17 pm

And Mitre 10 reimburse for the time taken to repair or replace something they sell?

I do take your point though. They are a cheaper price point and with that comes the risk of defects.

jonners2013, Sep 11, 6:28 pm

Dont buy stuff from Lennox on Blenheim Road - more of the same with regards to complete crap from China. We purchased a vanity and mirror cabinet from these guys, never again, never ever again. Even try the likes of Placemakers, they often do really go bathroom combo packs which are prices well.

ryanm2, Sep 11, 6:40 pm

just about everything is made in China

cranken28, Sep 12, 10:07 am

. Yep , even my best china is made in China , including china soap holder in new Chinese DIY (join the dots) kit set house , with Chinese bathroom , while driving in Great Wall 4+4 ! Just remember in the 50s we said Jap crap , and now ?

wazzabert, Sep 12, 10:18 am

Have used stuff from Urban Living (cheap Chinese! ) in several rental properties, both new and renovation, and have never had any problem. Always also use Uneda Plumbers for installation - great guys.

antonios1, Sep 12, 10:56 am

Im not sure but Mico Wakefields and Plumbing world do. They look after their plumbers.

kerry22, Sep 13, 5:27 am

I work in the trade and a lot of bathroom ware is made in china.

suka, Sep 14, 1:16 pm

theres made in China, and theres junk that's made in China.
Big difference.

kerry22, May 12, 4:39 am

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