Nice place for breakfast midweek

robyn35, Sep 5, 11:57pm
any suggestions? Not casino as will have teens with me

geoone, Sep 6, 12:18am
Strawberry fare, ground floor cafe, therapy - my current favourites for family breakfasts.

jonners2013, Sep 6, 12:33am
beat street cafe

shakirafan, Sep 6, 3:00am
Joe's Garage have delicious breakfasts.

robyn35, Sep 6, 3:03am
was looking a joes garage, might try there as i think the three teens boys would like that

shakirafan, Sep 6, 5:12am
Definitely. I like "The Joker" with hash instead of the bread roll.

honest-reliable, Sep 6, 5:50am
Addington Coffee co-op

robyn35, Sep 6, 6:17am
went there last time honest-reliable so thought i might try somewhere else, we all enjoyed it though

pshark, Sep 6, 8:49am
Spectators over at Horncastle do a mean breakie and you can order the night before of their menu and it's ready to go when you walk through the door,

jc239, Sep 6, 8:59am

si50, Sep 6, 9:15am

n.c, Sep 6, 10:10am

tygertung, Sep 6, 11:37am
I agree, Beat Street cafe definitely is the best place in Christchurch for breakfast.

gaspodetwd, Sep 7, 12:12am
Strawberry fare, Beach cafe or Raspberry cafe.

fuzzygrl, Sep 7, 8:37pm
I second this. The pikelets with bacon, banana and maple syrup are delicious!

buyit59, Sep 7, 9:11pm
The Store at TaiTapu

roshu, May 28, 4:38pm
Drexels - again

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