Why this board so quiet now ?

gman35, Jul 2, 11:37pm
Are more people just using Facebook etc. I don't, but doesn't that just stay within "friends and family" anyway ? so surely this sort of forum gets more opinions from all of ChCh (and NZ).
Where is everybody and there views and topics nowadays ! ?
With the way the current economy seems, I know I have more than enough time to be able to view posts.
Is it a reflection on the "giving up on however/whenever ChCh is rebuilt" mentality that many seem to have now ?

craftylady1, Jul 2, 11:38pm
Wait til theres a 2.2 shake somewhere. the board will come alive quickly

fineo, Jul 2, 11:53pm
Thread will probably disappear all together in the not too distant future.
Most have gone back to general thread,moving on.

granny98, Jul 3, 12:01am
Whats the point of moaning on here, after having to deal with the idiots who are meant to fix my home (they don't turn up for meetings) & then you spend another 3 hours on phone trying to find out what is going on.
I'm cold, I'm homesick oh & my cardiologist, tells me I'm not allowed stress as it will bring on another heart attack.- ( Go to Companies placed in liquidation) posted by Ken .

ronash, Jul 3, 12:13am
There are quite a few closed Facebook groups for those who are still having Insurance and EQC related issues in Canterbury/Christchurch. I know that the info shared on those pages continues to be invaluable for MANY who have yet to come anywhere near to having claims resolved and moving on. I would encourage anyone who has yet to explore Facebook for this purpose to do so. There is a TC3 group which also encompasses hill issues, EQC and Insurance Woes group, and a Dodgy Repairs group, and a Retaining Walls group and many others re: Re building etc. I cannot emphasise enough how supportive and informative these groups can be :-)

ronash, Jul 3, 12:21am
Funny you should say that, Crafty, lol. Yesterday morning there was a wee shake like that near Victoria Park; I am in Huntsbury and got quite a fright and was surprised to see how tiny it measured. Even a small quake, if is shallow and close to you can get the heart racing. Am amazed when I look back at the intensity and frequency of the quakes we have experienced since September 2010, it is a wonder the ticker survived!

granny98, Jul 3, 12:29am
Yes HDF have gone bust, I no this as they were meant to be fixing my home. We moved out for 8 weeks, we're now into week 7. The house lifters lifted our home. It took HDF 2 weeks to get water & power turned off, & not much else was happening. We had a meeting with Fletchers & the new builders on Monday but only we turned up. We have asked for an extension on our acc, (of course this effects the family booked in after us). My home sits up on blocks, the hole that was cut in bedroom floor is extreme & allows every cat in the neighbourhood access to pee inside.
Of course its only rained hard once since we're been here & that was the day that they lifted my home, (mud is caked all through our home !
Life is hard, we get no sunshine here in EQ village & have a heater going 24/7 (panel heaters) no heat pump.
As I was under insured & didn't get a huge acc. payout, EQC are going to be paying our rent here.

ambrosia61, Jul 3, 1:02am
Makes me sad to hear your story granny98. I don't know what to say except I'm sorry that you have had to go through such a hard time. . It doesn't seem fair.
We are once again going in circles. Yet another engineer is coming to our house. Who knows what this one will find that is different to all the others.
Oh well at least the sun is shining today.

david_270, Jul 3, 3:50am
I'll second that.
There are also FB groups for the various group actions EQC/SR/IAG.
FB was "recommended" by Gerry.
Note that because they are closed groups what you say there does not go to anyone outside the group.

astrophe, Jul 3, 5:50am
Why, if a place is quiet, do you immediately jump to "everyone gave up" rather than "there are fewer problems now"?


articferrit, Jul 3, 5:55am
Had another meeting today, I wish it would all just go away, and that eq on Wednesday morning was really noisy for a really long time before it rattled the hell out of the house - and me!, surprised how small it actually was. Some of us are still plodding along.

gillian25, Jul 3, 10:11pm
I had a phone conference yesterday. Going to Court on the 27/7.
Nothing much has happened, but I do miss the regulars on this thread. Lots of good advice and kindred spirits. Where are you all.?
My guess is you are all burnt out, like us

patti7, Jul 3, 10:34pm
The many Facebook groups for EQ matters have been invaluable, and indeed still are. There are still quite a few of us who are waiting to be rebuilt or repaired - it is far from over.
OP, Facebook has several facets, it is not just about chatting to family and friends. If you are interested I suggest you look into it more. I think you may find it enlightening. Trade Me has been good as a support forum but its capabilities are limited.

craftylady1, Jul 3, 10:43pm
Not every one has Facebook

lambrat, Jul 3, 10:58pm
still watching the pingpong between insurance co and eqc. they all met and had another look at the house here a few weeks ago, so now they're haggling. sigh.
then i imagine it'll be me haggling with insurance co, because they finally gave me their own scope and said 'go through it' . i take it they will be offering cash settlement and i'll have to do everything from there. sigh again.

patti7, Jul 3, 11:38pm
True, but it is there if you want to join.

patti7, Jul 4, 5:21am
Not everyone has Trade Me either. Or at least if they do they don't necessarily look at the message boards.

bosch2006, Jul 4, 8:51am
Maybe they have lives outside of here unlike alot on here

nicsta4, Jul 4, 9:08am
Everyone is moving on dealing with how good things are progressing and seem happy. Also with out Mr Campbell stiring everything up as well.

david_270, Feb 26, 3:40pm
And which particular gravy train are you riding on?

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