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watson79, Jun 14, 5:14am
I'm doing the electrical on a benchmark home, job nearly finished and end product is a very nice house, there's always going to be winners and losers when the insurance is picking up the tab.

ramazon, Jun 14, 6:22am
Nice home, timelines like a lot of builders can be a problem.

annetteh4, Jun 14, 10:56pm
Thats why after choosing a housing company, we now are going with a smaller company for that personal relationship with the owner, not some employee

blacktooth1, Jun 15, 2:28am
My sis and brother inlaw have just built with a smaller company. It's gone really ugly, they moved in last weekend and now want to sell have totally no good memories about the experience and want to void any connection with it. To many problems to even begin to start listing with their build process. It's been very sad, the builder even eventually admitted that he was way out of his depth. To many small companies popping out of know where and then disappearing just as fast.

stagdesign, Jun 17, 2:25am
My husband works in the insurance industry, and all I will say is that Benchmark are one of the preferred builders because they are one of the best to deal with and have the best standards. The insurance companies get the least complaints from them. If you take that into consideration, bad feedback from one or two people is definately not the majority. And I cannot help but wonder (cos I am a pretty positive person and always look for the good in a situation) if someone gets their whole house built and all they have is complaints, are they really a good judge of things anyway? Surely the few things that do go wrong are outweighed by the many that go right? Just humble thoughts.

kacy5, Jun 17, 3:39am
That is very sad. I really enjoyed our new build with a local builder. He was brilliant and had great subbies who arrived on the day they said---or before. A smooth trouble free experience---well, apart from the Council.

kmcrae3, Jun 17, 4:21am
popup1 you must work for benchmark. stagdesign i know of a few redzone people who have used benchmark and are not happy so not just one or two,these redzone people have had enough stress and certainly don't need more.

david_270, Jun 17, 4:55am
I wonder if any of the above posters can help ju9 get back into her home? Over 7 months is a looooong time to wait for a consent, particularly since the house has been demolished. Surely the signs of a good operator are good communication with customers, and rapid resolution of issues?

mbos, Jun 17, 5:03am
I don't know why people should be pressured to feel 'grateful' for having the temerity to want the contractual obligation they paid their insurance levies for honoured - to a reasonable and competent standard in a reasonable time frame. If the best we can say about the rebuild is - oh well, it could be worse, you could be in Haiti - well, that in itself is a sad indictment.

Perhaps, benchmark homes, you find it a little easier to count your blessings than those who are struggling with EQC, Insurance, and poor quality or slow rebuilds or repair.

hypodog99, Jun 17, 6:30am
Insurance companies have preferred builder's as these building companies give them a bigger discount. Nothing to do with the quality of the build.
I visited 2 show homes built by firms that my insurance co recommended
and they were cheap and nasty homes.
Who are you to judge if a person has a house built and all they have is complaints, how good a judge they are?. Also how do you know that a few things that go wrong are outweighed by the good?
It really does sound like you are living in a bubble that is floating in a perfect world, but Christchurch isn't like that.

kiri6, Jun 17, 8:25am
Stagdesign is that why state dropped benchmark as one of there preferred builders. I think your humble thoughts are a little one sided. After a disasterous time with benchmark we moved to orange homes. I cannot praise them enough. Great experience and love our house. I am not alone in dropping them after months and months of questionable behaviour only to have moved to another company and received a wonderful experience. The feedback I hear is that we were lucky to have got out

ju9, Jun 20, 1:51am
Hi David, thanks for your help and suggestions. Consent has just come through. Hurrah! I look forward to posting glowing reports about Benchmarks progress and look forward to speedy completion of my new, beautifully constructed home. :-)

kacy5, Jun 20, 7:53am
We look forward to reading them but from some comments we won't hold our breath. Of course you may have a great experience. I hope you do and post your comments. I loved it when we built but times have changed since then.

david_270, Jun 20, 8:10am
Thanks ju9. I'll look forward to observing your progress. I'm not far away. :-) Good luck, and keep a close eye on them.

si50, Jun 21, 5:38am
also watching closely with interest, from nearby.

scaveng, Jun 25, 10:47am
Lost our home in Feb quake and used Benchmark for new home on new site. Absolutely fab experience and no problems. Yeah. things may go wrong but they will stand behind their homes and put it right. I'm involved in a building supply industry and have contact with many companies and most do not perform as well as Benchmark do. Sounds like some of the problems up the thread, stem from EQC, Insurance Co. and council issues

ju9, Oct 17, 5:58am
HI Daivd_270 & si50. A progress report for you. lol They over dug the foundations, had to build a additional foundation wall, got it wrong, demolished it, rebuilt it. Backfilled, dug it up again for plumbing. Dug a hole for the sewer tank, smacked the new wall with the digger, and having to do repairs to said wall. Also now need a extra new retaining wall to support 7500 litre storm water tank. Not out of the ground yet. humm- I have been out of the house 8 months. do the figures. I am afraid you wont see me till mid next year. ? House was demolished 2 weeks after Davids neighbour, (S & J) they moved into their new home on friday. I am over this ! BM are pleasant to deal with and are keeping me informed. I think the issues is subbies and the use of too small sized equipment. ( should be using 20 ton digger, messing with 8 - 10 tons) ps they struck rock! ha ha that was what I tried to tell them!

david_270, Oct 19, 11:54pm
Thanks for the update ju9. Unfortunately they seem like a bunch of inexperienced muppets. BM should be controlling all this, no doubt a valuable "learning" experience for them all.
Hope you are able to maintain your sanity, and don't be afraid to speak up if you see something silly going on - you are more likely to be right than wrong. For example, we had mistakes in the wall framing - window placement etc - that the builder hadn't noticed.
Not sure who you mean by my neighbour - the ones by the big gum?
All the best.

ju9, Dec 17, 8:17pm
December update: Hi David and all Huntsbury people. It is now 10 months since I moved out of my house. They have given me a move in date of May, at the moment by my estimation it will be 2016? We still have only partial foundations. Tradies never on site, project management skills lacking? Productivity no existent. I have yet to see a tradie stick to a timetable. I can not see how BM can survive if this is their modus operandi on all sites. Another CHCH debacle. (I am getting down right grumpy just before Xmas lol!)
(David: I was referring to sandy, down near community centre, their house was demolished 2 weeks before mine and they have been in theirs for over 2 months now.)

kletis1, Dec 18, 3:52am
Heard they were about to go under.

david_270, Dec 18, 9:04am
Hi ju9. Thanks for that. Really sorry for you.
I was looking at the slab last evening and thinking that Arrow should be kicking butt, or changing builder. I might have met Sandys other half last week up in Broad Oaks, watching the recent demo.
We have a Sterling build in our street which seems frozen in time, nothing has happened for weeks. The nearby Stonewood build is also real slow, yet next door Carl Taylor started one at the same time and the roof is about to go on.
Re Benchmark - my understanding is that the former Benchmark CEO is heavily into cycling, and cycled with Mike Greer, who then poached him to start up Mike Greer Hills. The wheels seem to have since fallen off.

si50, Dec 18, 9:17am
It's taken us 10 months just to get through design. Still got working drawings, consent and demo before we even START a rebuild. Not all of the delays have been Benchmark though. There's just so many layers it's crazy. Delays seem to be very typical, and not exclusive to insurance builds. I know of a Huntsbury new build that has also suffered many months of delays, and isn't Benchmark. It just seems to be par for the course with the big group builders.

gutlux, Feb 6, 1:49pm
my friend has had problems, still ongoing and trying to be sorted, there house was demolished about 2.5 months ago, they are now renting while there house is rebuilt, the progress in 2.5 months of being out - the house was taken down, then the section sits empty. They could have have this time in their house and xmas in their house instead of having it come down before consent is obtained and now paying rent in the meantime while the section sits unused.

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