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kletis1, Jan 21, 6:17am
Well well well. in the public notices column in todays paper for liquidation.

ju9, Jan 21, 7:09pm
HI Daivd_270 & si50 A January progress report for you. No progress. no I lie, as of this morning we have 10 concrete foundation blocks laid.
Kletis1. you were correct. I have no idea what happens now! The fun starts.
Any one know if you can contract out at this stage of the foundations? or is that impossible. Just a thought? I suppose no other builder would want to take over a uncompleted house as there would be liability issues? Any one know?
Out of house 1 year.

kletis1, Jan 21, 7:25pm
Am hearing they owe money everywhere.Dece 18th I think I mentioned going under.You will possibly be one of heaps ju9,though that is no consolation.

david_270, Jan 21, 7:28pm
Hi ju9. This should be a problem for your insurance company? Their job is to deliver your home back to you.
I did hear that the liquidation isn't real - it was just a pressure play over money, but who would know. Give management a call?

In our street work has sort of resumed on a stalled Sterling Homes rebuild. The foundation subbie has apparently been given the boot, so some remedial work may be needed. On the Stonewood build, which used the same subbie, work has not resumed yet.

ju9, Jan 21, 7:39pm
Thank you both for the info. I guess I need to plan for another winter where I am. (Its "difficult" to say the least). Keep posting here if you hear anything please! Thanks for support I appreciate it. . hey may be I can park a camper bus on my foundation slab lol

david_270, Jan 21, 8:58pm
One approach to your IC could be that since BM seem to have given up, would they like you to start looking for another builder. Even better if you can suggest some options. Its just stirring, but in a positive way, as the people sitting in IC offices are so remote to the harsh reality of the shambles they are meant to be managing.
The squeaky wheel gets oiled, and don't hesitate to keep it squeaking.
All the best.

si50, Jan 21, 10:43pm
had discussions with BM and SR. 'liquidation' is in fact a dispute between BM and a plumber. Apparently all sorted and business as usual for BM. I certainly hope so! They've yet to build my house and it's finally getting close!

onzy, Mar 27, 11:26pm
Built with them , would never do it again . Six months later still waiting on the code of compliance to be issued from the council . Benchmark have not supplied the council with the necessary information they require to issue it .
Poor quality workmanship with sub contractors .
Very stressful experience .

kiri6, Mar 30, 5:47am
Worst experience ever - dishonest. Would not touch them if they were one of the last builders out there

ju9, Jun 7, 3:41am
My Consent been at council 7 months, suggest you reconsider.

gman35, Jun 7, 4:47am
With all the negative stuff that we hear about all different companies (who let's face it , mostly use the same sub-contractors etc. apart from "high end" builds) surely it would make sense to have more time-constraint clauses written into contracts. Or are they now just all so busy that they are saying "take it or leave it" including the finished quality of job ?
Just cannot understand why many seem to have such long-winded issues with the people they are paying. Are they (customer) requesting clauses (that are $$$$-holdback based) are written in ?
It sounds like somehow paying "an extra 10k cash for a good job mate" would be worth it.
Or from the builders side of things, I have heard stories where the buyer constantly changes their mind on things (and not sure why builder would allow that to continue either without extra $$), does this cause things to purposely slow ?
I know there are so many things which could go wrong in a build , but in my industry (retail) or when buying or getting other things worked on , the consumers guarantee act is pretty black and white , why is the building industry any different ?
And is there an "independent" Industry body that can rule on any disagreement of quality of job/amount charged etc ?

lambrat, Jun 7, 6:10am
i dogwalk all around this area. there is a long-empty section i regularly notice which has its 'benchmark homes' sign hanging proudly on the fence. section has weeds up to armpit level

onzy, Jun 7, 6:49am
As i stated in an earlier post, we built with them. Once you have paid in full, they are just not interested in you. We had to fight with them to get our remedial work to start after 7 months. Took 7 months for them to supply the council with paper work to issue ccc. This was after me constantly asking them to send info to the council.
Project manager was totally useless and huge lack of communication between different departments.
To top it off, sent a complaint to the general manager and he didn't even respond to me!
Stay well clear, so unprofessional and dishonest.

gman35, Jun 7, 9:50am
Why would you pay anything close to full price before you have the key to a "finished" house ? Sure there may be some stuff you notice over the following weeks but that would be only fine tuning on wall marks etc here and there since your inspection before moving in ?

onzy, Jun 7, 8:25pm
Many things you can be unaware of that are not right until living in the house. Believe me we were very thorough.
Not going to hijack this thread with my issues.
Just wouldn't reccommend them to anyone.

gman35, Jun 9, 7:48am
Would like some feedback re my post #13 from some of the other anti-Benchmark people here as to whether they should / could have demanded things more ?
It looks like too many other building co.s also just ride roughshod over clients from what I often heard/read before.

digga7, Jun 10, 2:42am
There's always good and bad reviews about every Building company. It's sad that we only really ever just remember the bad reviews. I've never heard anything bad about them but I've never heard anything good about them either.

I contract too a lot of builders and Benchmark is not one of them. The best smaller company that I've only ever heard good things about is ZB Homes. If ever in doubt, I encourage anyone to call them even if it's just for advice. Who knows, it might be possible to switch companies for your rebuild.

tommydog, Jun 12, 11:46pm
Anyone dealing with Benchmark Homes at the moment just wondering how you are finding them.

benchmark_homes, Jun 13, 3:40am
Thank you all for your valuable feedback. It has been a very difficult time since the earthquake, and a lot of new problems to overcome in terms of land, insurers, council delays and lack of quality sub trades. We don't always get it right, but as a company we are working incredibly hard in difficult conditions, as are many other Canterbury builders. I am not intending to post again, but just wanted to give input from the other side of the fence. We have a wonderful team of honest and hard working staff, who at times have been unfairly abused and treated poorly because of delays beyond our control. In regards to sites with signage and weeds - the land has to be signed off by geotechs and insurers prior to the build stage. We have no control over this stage of the process. We also have a lot of very happy clients. Like I say, no-one ever gets it right all the time, but we are committed to constant improvement in a difficult environment. Onzy- I'm extremely sorry you were let down at stages but as you know, CP has been working very hard to get all your remedial items attended to. I am more than happy to meet personally if anyone would like to discuss issues with our company. It is a frustrating time for all of us having to go through many stages, insurers and government organisations, but at the end of the day, we are incredibly blessed to live in a country where our government is ensuring the majority of families are able to rebuild. I bet the people of Haiti would wish they had that! And we are well aware, like everything, there are some who come out worse off, but I still appreciate we live a country that is safe, healthy, and we have assistance after one of the worst global disasters ever, to rebuild our beautiful city.

si50, Jun 13, 7:05am
me too. Let me guess. you are with SR?

blacktooth1, Jun 13, 7:28am
My Mother taught me that if you can't say anything nice don't say anything. Zip.

doc72, Jun 13, 8:03am
A workmate of mine is currently dealing with them. Let's just say it's not going well.

tommydog, Jun 13, 11:10am
Sorry don't no who SR is just thinking of going to use Benchmark and wondering what peoples experiences are like . Like to check things out before I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

si50, Jun 13, 11:16pm
SR=Southern Response Insurance, Benchmark is one of their big contractors.

popup1, Jun 14, 2:03am
I would like to voice my experience when building with Benchmark Homes. I have recently built a home with them and have nothing but the highest praise for the company. From the first consultation through to handover (and beyond) I have felt that every staff member I dealt with bent over backwards to help answer any queries I had and built a top quality home for myself and my family. They were very honest and up-front throughout the project. The contractors all supplied a great product in their various fields. I would have no hesitation in trusting them to build for myself or anyone I knew in the future.
With the present rebuild environment there are a lot of outside factors that can appear the blame should be attributed to the appointed building company when there are actually many other reasons things don't always flow as quickly and smoothly as they did prior to the Earthquakes.

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