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metaller, Aug 15, 5:42am
has anyone here had their pies?ive heard that they do the best pies in town.

jules555, Aug 15, 5:54am
Beautiful food Pies worth going into town to get

spunkeymonkey, Aug 15, 5:56am
where is this place

metaller, Aug 15, 6:03am
in south city mall by the warehouse

tennisfanz, Aug 15, 6:05am
It has to be the best bakery in Christchurch. The food is amazing, its getting very busy and located just at the left of the entrance to the Warehouse.

metaller, Aug 15, 6:15am
wow, are they that popular now? they used to be opposite to Osakaya.

metaller, Aug 15, 6:18am
i used to go there to get some treats for my lover.

klc1, Aug 15, 6:47am
The lemon meringue pies are delicious too!

lil_tarnz, Aug 15, 9:29am
they're sweet buns! omg nom nom nom

kids4ever, Aug 15, 9:42am
OMG their food is nice, and so resonably priced as well, if ever we go to south city thats where i get my lunch, you just have to try their food, 10 plus

kids4ever, Aug 15, 9:44am
they have been there for ages

metaller, Aug 16, 2:20am
has anyone here got a birthday cake from them? i might get one for my friends birthday

spunkeymonkey, Aug 19, 6:37am
i must try this place next time I am in south city

metaller, Aug 19, 7:33am
they used to be called Yamada bakery.

kids4ever, Aug 19, 10:17pm
they have been Japanz for a long time now, well over a year

metaller, Aug 20, 8:19am
over a year?!lol they used to be not far from the central city library was. they have been around for well over 15 years here in chch.

ronash, Aug 25, 6:46am
OMG! Am enjoying a custard filled bun from there . heavenly. I think I have found my new addiction, lol.

metaller, Aug 25, 6:51am
what i like about them is that they make bread exactly the same as authentic japanese bakeries do.

metaller, Sep 11, 4:00am
i havent had the pies yet. i should try them one day.

usualsuspect, Sep 17, 12:55pm
they are just like the foods we ate in Japan last year. vert nice and very popular too

murrayt, Sep 18, 6:18am
Another fan here. Delicious food, nicely presented, and beautiful customer service.

drcjp, Sep 18, 7:12pm
mmmmm. pie.

dudekrulz, Sep 19, 12:19am
Yep, very good. I always make a stop there when I'm at South City.

kids4ever, Sep 19, 8:03am
oh, yes, I remember that name, didn't realise it was the same bakery , thanks, were they at one time on Colombo street near Gloucester st

nz_nicola, Apr 5, 3:43pm
I had to try it out, loved the custard filled thingie, and a couple of other things, it's great to find a place with nice different things to try

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