Has anyone ever lived in Hanmer Springs Village?

How did you find it? I have visited a lot, but never lived there before and just wondering what it's like on a long term basis?

chchgurl, Aug 20, 2:52 pm

Funny you should ask. We now live here, just moved about 8 weeks ago. We are familiar with the place and used to have a holiday home here but it is different fully time. It's is extremely quiet through the week. Also when you go for a visit you do all the things meals out etc but when living fully time it settles down to normal life as it does anywhere. Many things are a little bit harder to source, eg groceries are expensive so we have decided to do a shop once a month at Amberly which is an hour away. There's no dog groomer so Amberly again. The school has about 110 kids and the high school closest is Amuri which is at Culverden but is a regional school so goes from new entrant to the end of high school. Lacks in subjects so a lot of people here board their kids when older, many go to Nelson our boy who is 10 now will go to Chch. Hubby still mostly working in Chch but over time will work here more, there are quiet a few women like me here. It's a small community so you need to feel your way around with the locals. It's been extremely friendly and welcoming.

blacktooth1, Aug 20, 4:17 pm

Thanks blacktooth :) DH has a job interview there next week, I am not sure how I feel about it (lucky that job comes with accommodation) as it would mean me giving up my job. On the other hand I love the thought of the lifestyle we could give her compared to town.

chchgurl, Aug 20, 4:51 pm

What do you mean.No big librairy No museum Not much compettive sport. I could go on and on but I wont.

dottyone1, Aug 20, 4:55 pm


I'm good with that

zoopa, Aug 20, 5:07 pm

It is a big decision but one we always knew we would make. We were going to do it when our son finished school but bought it ahead. Lots of people here for the lifestyle. Do you have kids OP? Great for them here. If the job comes with accommodation that's even better as it's hard to get permanent accommodation here. We are building and were just lucky. If you are on facebook try and join the community page to Hanmer and there is a wealth of information on there. It's the kind of community I want to live in as far as folk do help you out. Anything else you want to know just let me know.

blacktooth1, Aug 20, 6:34 pm

I will have a look on Facebook thanks :)
We have a toddler and I think it would be a great lifestyle

chchgurl, Aug 20, 10:37 pm

As long as you do not need a medical emergency.one of those life threatening things hard to diagnose, early labour etc

dottyone1, Aug 25, 11:23 am

No problems here with medical emergencies. There is a medical centre and several nursing staff and a Doctor there. I anything goes bad they Helicopter you to Chch, it' had happened a couple of times since we have been here. There is also an ambulance located right in the central village and it always has a nurse as well as ambulance staff on it for all call outs.

blacktooth1, Aug 26, 1:06 pm

There can be floods earth quakes and road accidents. No way would I chance it with kids even snow can cause problems

dottyone1, Aug 26, 4:23 pm

there is already that in chch already & at least Hamner won't be affected by tidal erosion - but if anyone gets affected by Norwesters, then any town near the alps isn't a good place for them.

urbanrefugee54, Aug 26, 5:08 pm

lol. You might as well finish off the whole list while your at it. volcanoes, asteroids, tsunami's, hail storms, pedophiles, murderers, ice on the roads what else have we forgotten? What about possible train derailment onto the road, that could be a hazard too.

steve198, Aug 26, 6:39 pm

Ah those can happen anywhere? Hanmer isn't that remote! We aren't moving into the middle of the high country LOL

chchgurl, Aug 27, 2:07 pm

and to add to your list, the horrible weather in winter, jolly cold, good retirement place only, i reckon, a lot shift there to retire, but with kids, no, they loose out on so much

kids4ever, Aug 27, 3:17 pm

What would kids lose out on? Hanging around the mall, video arcades? I'm pretty sure country kids have plenty of activities that are more healthy than city living for mind and body.

moodybleu, Aug 27, 3:43 pm

competitive sport .My four had ballet tapdancing school choirs competive provincial and national swimming and tennis, which they are still into and giving back to 35 yrs later also life long friendships, We lived Christchurch central city. They all had paper rounds and part time jobs.

dottyone1, Aug 28, 11:26 am

You know rural schools still most/all of these opportunities too.

chchgurl, Aug 29, 2:01 pm

Plenty of things for the kids to get into here after school and lots of sports and culture. Our son is 10 and it is a huge improvement on his and our lifestyle. The sense of community is great and people look out for you more here and the kids. As for after school hobs and part time stuff there is so much available here it's not funny.

blacktooth1, Aug 29, 3:33 pm

You would need to travel miles to get competition, when it comes to swimming there is not even a competitive 50 mtre pool anywhere near Hanmer. where is the culture at Hanmer that is news to me.

dottyone1, Aug 30, 5:21 pm

Lol Hanmer isn't "miles". I grew up in a smallish rural town, I took part in heaps of competitive sports and did choir etc through school. I certainly don't feel that my life was incredibly disadvantaged.
In fact I had quite a freedom in some ways growing up with going out on my own and having animals that a lot of city kids don't get.
I started this thread as I was more interested in what it's like to live there as its a tourist town, and Blacktooth has made it sound lovely - I hope to maybe get to know you! . We have lived in way smaller and further away places on the West Coast lol

chchgurl, Aug 31, 8:03 pm

ch ch girl please look me up I have a facebook page. Hair on the run.

blacktooth1, Aug 31, 8:58 pm

It is miles to me ,in choosing where to live we were in that position many years ago and chose Christchurch. At that time we could buy a house within a few miles of city centre Hospital bus stop at gate rugby and soccer fields very close Also easy access to beach uni versity etc. I worked and had four children who had very easy access to so many things and so many opportunities they would never have had in a small county town. and yes I too have lived in a couple of small towns, but not any more thank you very much,

dottyone1, Sep 1, 4:09 pm

sounds lovely - if i had my time again i would choose a small community when my kids were under 13. Once older there are advantages being close to a city. I would love the winter weather! My hubby wouldn't so much and he would miss having a beach close by as he is an Aussie!.This is not a life threatening decision - jump in with both feet and enjoy! You learn a lot living in different places. I'm sure they speak English.

jane310567, Sep 1, 5:05 pm

oh, my S-I-L has moved from Sydney to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains which is a tourist town and loves it. We never thought she would!

jane310567, Sep 1, 5:07 pm

Well it's certainly an adventure! We are looking forward to it, now just sorting out our house to rent out etc

chchgurl, Sep 2, 8:08 am

Chch girl have you decided to move, love to catch up when you get here. We are pleased we made the decision we did, life is good. When do you get here?

blacktooth1, Sep 2, 9:16 pm

Yes, if my Dh job trial is all good we are on the move :) I am hoping that work will allow me to continue my work remotely which would be incredible! We should hopefully roll into town in the next 6 weeks, would be great to get to know you.

chchgurl, Sep 3, 12:52 pm

Moved from the UK in 2008 and still here !

lynchmob2, Sep 4, 6:27 pm

Cool how exciting, have you joined the facebook community page yet.? Will have to catch up when you get here.

blacktooth1, Sep 8, 10:07 am

depends on yourself, I lived and worked there some time ago, it was ok, much like any other small town. It surprised me though that I missed the open spaces and closeness of the ocean, and I almost had a sigh of relief when arriving at state highway 1 at Waipara, when going to Christchurch. I didn't feel closed in while living there, but there was a definite feeling of relief when I left the area.

belle34, Sep 8, 10:15 am

Everyone to their own

kam04, Sep 8, 11:29 am

You'll refrain from the feeling thank you very much.

jcmp21, May 30, 2:20 am

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