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ljx, Jun 5, 10:51am
Does any one know or have any ideas why New Brighton Road is closed between Pratt St and the Pages Rd round-about. There is a sign saying that it is closed for a year!?

suka, Jun 6, 2:58am
I am just around the corner, might have a wander or Zenny at the diary will know. -

ljx, Jun 21, 9:32am
Ok . so they are obviously pulling the river bank onto the road between Pratt St and the Pages Rd roundabout. Does anyone know what they are actually doing there either short or long term?

golfaholic2, Jun 21, 7:41pm
I heard it may reopen , but will be one way .

We need that road open , and both ways

jessebird, Jun 21, 10:44pm
Why don,t they close the road from Palmers to Pages, we do have Anzac Dr now.

ljx, Jun 22, 8:47pm
Thanks guys, yea i might call Scrit or something. I know someone building around there and it just seems odd that residents are not informed of major decisions than seem to have a huge effect on the area. I walked around there a few days ago and it was so nice to not have any cars. I too think they should just close it, between Travis / Anzac and Pages there are enough roads to get around.

unclewainwright, Jun 22, 11:39pm
Why would you do that?
And what does having Anzac Drive have to do with it. It's on the other side of the river. People still live in Palmers Road, Baker Street, Rawson Street and Pratt Street. Just because New Brighton Road runs through the red zone doesn't mean people stop using it.
All they need to do is raise the level of the road so it is above the level of the river to stop the flooding.

ljx, Sep 10, 6:39am
Anyone else concerned that every high tide New Brighton Road floods. Just wondering if anything will ever / can be done!?.

aj.2., Sep 10, 6:45am
It's not only New Brighton road, we have been lucky that the weather has been so mild and no real rain.

ken158, Sep 10, 11:45pm
This was written for an explanation to help folk understand and was posted on here in 2011??

ken158, Sep 10, 11:49pm
2 of 2.

A few days later, I rang a couple of times. It was on a manager??

golfaholic2, Sep 11, 3:37am
What worries me , is the salt content of the water . I'm fairly sure the fresh water sits atop the salt , but the water coming up the drains isnt from the top . salt water pushes a fair way up the river

vic008, Sep 11, 6:00am
Could be done in 3 weeks-not a hope! Would take 3 weeks just for them to put up the road cones.

ken158, Sep 11, 8:16am
Have to agree with you there!

gillian25, Sep 12, 10:21am
Just came home from work down new Brighton rd. It is very high at Locksley Cnr and flooding on the opposite side of the road. really badly.

ken158, Sep 13, 11:35pm

fekim, Sep 14, 1:58am
You know Ken, I am one of the "numb skulls" you refer to, or rather,I was! Because of your (and others), continued lack of respect for Council employees, I resigned in May. Are you a qualified engineer? If not, do you really think your layman skills are better than those of a qualified engineer. I enjoyed my time at Council. I worked with a wonderful, dedicated team, whose main aim was to make life better for the residents of Christchurch. As time went by, it became increasing harder to go to work and try to make a difference. There are so many people in Christchurch who don't know how to change a light bulb, but can certainly tell Council employees how roads should be built or bridges fixed. With the current attitude of ratepayers towards Council employees, (who by the way are also ratepayers), it's a wonder there's anyone left at the civic office.

bootsy2003, Sep 14, 2:32am
Well said Fekim. I hope you have found another job without all the hassle. I also work in local government so I know what it's like. You can't win.

golfaholic2, Sep 14, 6:55am
Having had several dealings with CCC "numb skulls" , it's painfully obvious that some CCC staff should NEVER be in positions where they deal with the public.
Not only do they lack the coping skills , they lack empathy ,often having an attitude that clearly indicates that they have forgotten they are public servants

cassina1, Sep 14, 7:08am
There is a story that the guy that made the Mt Hutt ski field access road went against the advise of engineers who said it could not be done meaning that engineers are not always right in their thinking about roads eh?

golfaholic2, Sep 14, 7:10am
I had the club champ from Mcleans Island approach me one day , he nutted off about some old bag telling him he was breaking his wrists while chipping , he said "shes never played in her life , just sat thru lessons her kids had had " . I said to him , "can you see your own swing ? I cant , either you are breaking your wrists or your not" . not another word needed to be said .
In my work , I hold no official qualification , but I can assure you I know my area of my trade inside out , to a point where I can tell you that many CCC building inspectors are sadly lacking competence .
My point is , a piece of paper does NOT make you incapable of being wrong .
Also . you wouldnt have any idea what qualifications our mate Ken holds . the more numpties that leave the CCC the better .

fekim, Sep 14, 7:58am
I know I don't know what qualifications "our mate ken holds", that is why I asked if he was an engineer. Nor did I ever suggest that a piece of paper makes me right. Judging by a lot of your posts, I get the impression you are never wrong. All I was saying was that the attitude of some people make it extremely hard for a lot of decent people to enjoy their work at the Council. Your attitude is case in point. Enjoy your evening knowing that you are much much better than those employed by Council. When was the last time you applied for a position there? One where you could make a difference. Probably never.

ken158, Sep 14, 8:16am
For a start that is rather amazing??

cassina1, Sep 14, 11:36am
Ken there was a story and video about the development of Mt Hutt which featured Willy Huber a few years ago. The book that was published was called White Magic

ken158, Sep 15, 10:43am
I have a 16mm film and have never been able see what is on it.
Now you are making me wish to get all the 16mm gear out again
and have a look. might have to work on that now

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