Cathedral Square/New Brighton Mall

vic008, Jul 2, 9:04pm
They were just saying on Newstalk that the Square will end up looking as deserted as New Brighton Mall. Thats quite possible and its a worry.

adnil3, Jul 2, 9:45pm
after all these years and seeing all the destruction who would want to go into the cathedral square to see the mess. its a constant reminder which a lot of us dont need. brighton aint that deserted,, i go there often and it sure aint a ghost town.

gman35, Jul 2, 10:10pm
Forget more Commercial premises for now, we just need more people actually living in town using and supporting the businesses that are still around at the moment , get some more apartments there, there are enough single/professional couples only that don't want a garden/house upkeep , and people simply being more visible around the place will create the "comfort" of attracting more people also.
It's crazy that so many people have shifted out further and further to live and are relying so much on long distance transport to come in for work everyday. Why has the CBD rebuild not allowed for more housing in town, they keep thinking that every retailer/Bank/Insurance Co./Lawyer is going to go back to central ChCh. when many are now settled where they are !

jonners2013, Jul 3, 12:40am
the biggest problem is that the Church stupidly asked 'the people' what they wanted. they should have just gone ahead with whatever they want and just gotten on with it. there would have been a little bit of drama for a while but everyone would have got over it and we would have moved on by now.

cassina1, Jul 3, 12:49am
I wonder if the Anglican Church has worked out what the fine would be if they had the Cathedral demolished in the dead of night as it could very well be worth it considering what all the court costs will be over the next few years plus the future cost of the building of a new one.

shannie1998, Jul 3, 3:31am
As the Cathedral is camera monitored by a security company - what you are suggesting wouldn't be allowed to happen

angiesbaking, Jul 3, 9:11am
You have clearly not been to New Brighton Mall on a Saturday. Compare the Square market to the New Brighton Seaside Market. Some places in Christchurch have risen from the ashes, little by little and steadily keep going up.
Do go and have a look. Worth it!
PLUS the beach, the library, many shops like Better Butcher, 105, two florists, Hardware, BinInn,.

tygertung, Jul 3, 6:12pm
They could get the army in to do some artillery practice on the cathedral perhaps? Could be a good opportunity of urban warfare!

I often bike through the Square and there is heaps of people there. It doesn't seem to be very deserted.

I can't see that just because there was bad things happen there that we shouldn't rebuild it. What would they have done in Europe after the war! The whole place was destroyed. They didn't worry about bad memories, just rebuilt.

vic008, Jul 3, 9:39pm
New Brighton- a lot of empty shops to lease there.

das.newzealand, Jul 5, 12:09pm
Yes I can see it now up in lights "Park here shop in Christchurch"

jamie2016, Jul 10, 10:45am
There was a large advertising sign on the Oxford to rangiora highway saying definition of headaches equals shopping in christchurch city. shopping at rangiora causes less stress.

loose.unit8, Jan 24, 1:27pm
They didn't ask the people what they wanted, at all.

It is a category one heritage building and is also governed by insurance payout conditions and trust deed conditions. They literally aren't allowed to do "whatever they want" without adhering to all those documents/conditions

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