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bumfacingdown, Dec 29, 7:57pm
"venting to atmosphere is cheap and nasty" And hunreds of bottles at a time is not noticed by anyone

golfaholic2, Dec 29, 9:46pm
You dont need to burn the insulation off electrical cable to get the copper wire inside , but its easier .
Next you will tell us that the scrap dealers would never do that

martin11, Dec 30, 7:34am
Most major scrap dealers actually shred the wire and separate the copper and the plastic . There is a market for both .

tygertung, Dec 30, 8:43pm
They have a machine to do it. It is a little bit of an investment, but it quickly pays for itself. It is the same with the LPG bottles.

planespotterhvn, Dec 31, 10:02am
Neighbouring business do notice the smell. But they are used to it as it has been going on for years.

planespotterhvn, Dec 31, 10:05am
The Gas laws say that you do. Otherwise the pressures just equalise and you have two balanced partially filled cylinders.

martin11, Dec 31, 3:21pm
Read this it is how it is done ,it is obvious you do not know how to do it .
In Aus they do it in many places to actually fill your van bottle .

planespotterhvn, Dec 31, 5:08pm
Its obvious from that PDF that you need a special liquid exchange bottle as a source. Standarfd LPG cylinders are not. So you cannot suck down the contents of a 45 kg or 9 kg LPG cylinder by this nethod. There will still be gas and liquid in the bottle, that needs to be gotten rid of, for inspection or valve replacement.
This system will not work for the scenario we are talking about. You need to suck it out with a sophisticated rig or just vent it to atmosphere untill all the gas and liqid have vented.
Therefore, burning it in your appliance is better for the environment. Do not swap a time expired bottle until you have burnt away the contents. Fully. then there is less environmentally suspect wastage.

kevymtnz, Dec 31, 5:46pm
yes i think its govt policy to remove old bottles hence why they swap them out to safe guard old bottles exploding
and yes burn off any un used gas

coolnzmum, Jan 2, 6:32pm
They don't fill bottles from the same filling point for vehicle, totally different valves lol.

planespotterhvn, Jan 3, 8:10am
We in the industry have a few theories about why people swap 3/4 full bottles for full ones:
1,) Confusion that the date is an expiry date and the mistaken idea that you are not allowed to use the bottle after this date. (No, the date is the start of a ten year life for the bottle.)
2,) Inability of many people to determine how full a bottle is. So instead of taking a risk of running out they swap it for a full one to be sure.
(shake the bottle, if it sloshes inside there is still liqified gas inside. Or calculate the weight, EW [empty weight] is stated on the bottle. WC. is water capacity. Multiply by 0.444 to get allowable weight of full contents. EW.+ Contents equals total weight of cylinder on bathroom scales.)
3,) Transient people moving with no room to store a full gas bottle.
4,) People not using their gas heater as they have found they require ventilation and make too much condensation. So they dump a full cylinder.
5,) Buying a new appliance with a different connector on the regulator/hose that won't fit the old, (but full) bottle.

planespotterhvn, Jan 12, 5:41am

planespotterhvn, Feb 1, 6:33pm
Just got a FULL bottle of gas came in from the swap a bottle market to recondition. It was dated 08-2016!
Thanks. That will do nicely for my barbecue.
What the hell are people thinking swapping full cylinders of LPG?

planespotterhvn, Feb 6, 8:28am
And another dated 05 2016. choice!

golfaholic2, Feb 6, 9:40am
Nice one planespotter

tygertung, Feb 7, 7:35pm
No need to swap if they still have gas remaining.

planespotterhvn, Feb 11, 7:40am
My point exactly.
see previous posts above.

planespotterhvn, Oct 10, 3:50pm
Gas LPG.

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