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planespotterhvn, Dec 4, 11:44pm
Thats a guess. Can anyone confirm that the truck driver scans or pen enters a bottle code, customer number?

planespotterhvn, Dec 4, 11:52pm
Lol! yes it seems unlikely unless the homeowner weighs and calculates the cylinder weight to determine the leftover LPG in it. And then demands that the LPG supplier credits that amount.
Weigh the cylinder. subtract the E.W. in Kilograms, the remainder is LPG (Butane and propane blend) in KG. If you want to calculate litres of LPG divide the LPG kg remainder by 0.444 to get litres.

tygertung, Dec 5, 5:11pm
Even expired bottles can be swapped. They will get overhauled and re-released. It is a good encouragement for people to use the system.

tygertung, Dec 22, 7:32pm
It is a great service.

slimgym, Dec 27, 9:06am
If you can find a garage that have enough staff on to fill them, garage near us never have enough staff, and tell us to go elsewhere to fill, so we have now gone to fill a bottle again

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 9:12am
Haha! Where is your evidence for this? I have witnessed hundreds of botlles hissing in a yard.

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 9:40am
My point is that you may as well use all the gas up in an expired gas cylinder.
It is the cylinder that has expired and is not legally able to be refilled until retestec.
It is not the gas inside that has expired.
Stop swapping full cylinders!
If the cylinder is within 10 years past its test date you are giving the swappabottle company free gas that you have previously paid for.
If the bottle is outside 10 years past the test date the gas must be vented to the environment to remove the valve.
So use it up first!

martin11, Dec 27, 9:43am
That would be rubbish Hundreds ! Where did you reckon you saw that !

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 11:35am
I've seen it. Yet you are just guessing that this doesn't happen. And neither should it. But it does. In Christchurch and its co business branch Manukau Auckland.

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 11:37am
So the moral of the story is burn it before you swap it.

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 7:05pm
City Council Eco Dumps also do not extract refrigerant from used fridges and heatpumps either. they just hit them with a front end loader and the damaged coils hiss their gas to the environment.

tygertung, Dec 27, 7:37pm
It would be a fire hazard.

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 8:20pm
Yes it is, but mitigations are made to ventilate away from buildings and sources of ignition.
I worked there so I know what goes on. Never saw you people there so what would you know?

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 8:23pm
So burn it, don't swap it till its empty.
EW = Empty weight on the data stamped on the bottle collar.

planespotterhvn, Dec 27, 8:26pm
weigh the bottle on your bathroom scales.
EW empty Weight Plus (WC water capacity in litres X 0.444) = total weight of cylinder plus LPG.

martin11, Dec 28, 6:53am
Hundreds of bottles hissing would be a major hazard and a huge fire hazard .Any company doing that would loose its licence to handle bottles ,they can decant the gas and reuse it quite easily . Good profit doing that .

tygertung, Dec 28, 10:57am
I can't see why the company should wish to vent the bottles to atmosphere. They can just get a couple of incoming half filled bottles and use them to fill up a freshly overhauled bottle at a great profit. It would be extremely bad business sense to throw away $3.33 a kilogramme. They would be harvesting the profits from the partially used bottles.

planespotterhvn, Dec 28, 6:00pm
Yeah but so far no investment ina multi bottle manifold and an extraction pump and compressor rig and a large storage vessel. Its a low profit business. venting to atmosphere is cheap and nasty.

planespotterhvn, Dec 28, 6:01pm
Pretty sure you are imabgining this as a pleasant pipe dream. Trust me this does not happen.
Are you guys making this up? Where is the evidence that the transfer stations do this?
The company I am talking about is given, pays for or is paid to take away, old bottles from the transfer stations for reconditioning. The company is the ones who punch holes in them if they are beyond reconditioning.

planespotterhvn, Dec 28, 6:02pm
Cheap and fast.

brightlights60, Dec 28, 8:48pm

tygertung, Dec 28, 9:47pm
Faulty gas line.

tygertung, Dec 28, 9:56pm
$33 free profit is quite considerable.

boby11, Dec 29, 3:38pm
At a community I was at in Coromandel they had a very large gas bottle which was inverted on a stand .It was connected to smaller bottles when needed and the liquid gas just ran downhill into the smaller bottle just like when the garage refills them. They also used the same gear to empty old bottles which were past using.

martin11, Dec 29, 3:54pm
You do not have to have this gear to decant a gas bottle into another one to empty it .

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