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tygertung, Jan 1, 9:10am
Because the contents are liquid, if you put the parent bottle upside down and above the child bottle, the contents should theoretically drain into the lower bottle. It stands to reason. Philosophically it should be so.

androth2, Jan 1, 11:29am
See how gas lighters and gas soldering irons etc are filled.You hold the refill cylinder upside down into the valve and the liquid flows down in to the tank until it overflows out of the valve. Pressure is not an issue

planespotterhvn, Jan 1, 12:33pm
But we are talking about fully emptying a cylinder not partially filling one. The parent bottle will never be fully emptied by this decanting method there will still be a pressure equalisation which prevents fully emptying the parent bottle for safely removal of it's valve.

planespotterhvn, Jan 1, 12:52pm
So please use as much LPG contents as you can before swapping. It is useful to possess two bottles, so that you can fully run out of a bottle, change to your second full one instead of being scared you will ruin your social barbecue by running out half way through cooking, so therefore swap your 3/4 full bottle just to be sure it will last the evening.
We have picked up full bottles from the dump, dated 2015! Easy reprocessing for those ones!
The date is the start of the ten year life, not the expiry date, Even if you have exceeded the ten year life it is permissable to use up all the gas before swapping or retesting the bottle.
The cylinder has expired not the gas inside.
The bottle has expired and cannot be refilled. the gas can still be used up. And should be.

martin11, Jan 1, 5:09pm
The facts are that I have been a instructor for the testing and filling of gas bottle and have the certificate for it . Not google !

tygertung, Jan 1, 8:48pm
I think you may be getting confused with compressed gas bottles and LPG bottles. The gas is in a liquid form so it will go to the lowest point, leaving a bit of residual gas in the top bottle. It is like pouring one glass of water into another.

martin11, Jan 1, 9:24pm
You have got it right !

jcmp21, Jan 1, 11:34pm
He has a certificate, do you also have one that allows you to ride your trike on the road?

planespotterhvn, Jan 2, 1:29am
Okay, you can remove the valve out of the cylinder, that you have decanted from, and I will watch at a safe distance. Lol.

planespotterhvn, Jan 3, 12:07am
Anyway. make sure you use up all of the LP gas before you swap the bottle, or have it re-tested.

tygertung, Feb 28, 5:59pm
Gone are the days when your bottle had expired you'd have to take it down for scrap metal as it was too much hassle to get it retested. You can just take it down to the swappa bottle scheme and swap it for a full one. Once it runs out you don't have to swap if you don't want to, can just get it filled.

fineo, Feb 28, 7:31pm
Yep the Scrap man won't take gas bottles now, unless the fittings have been removed.

tygertung, Mar 1, 6:44pm
It is a good scheme for the environment, keeping the bottles in service,. There really is no need to chuck out old bottles anymore.

planespotterhvn, Mar 1, 9:45pm
True. If it's out of ten years since the last retest, it is okay to swap it for a reconditioned full bottle from Elgas or OnGas.
It can even be a bit rough and will still be okay for reconditioning.
The reconditioners have to vent it to atmosphere if they have to remove the valve for a retest so it's not good for the environment or from the workers breathing the LPG. Plus it saves you money buying gas and using it rather than giving it away.

planespotterhvn, Mar 5, 9:00pm

tygertung, Mar 6, 6:34pm
No need to return if there is still gas remaining. You could have a spare bottle to swap over if the gas runs out half way through your BBQ. If you return with gas still in you are just giving money to the gas company.

planespotterhvn, Mar 7, 8:08am
And if you simply get the bottle filled you only pay for a part fill if the bottle is still half full before you start.

tygertung, Mar 7, 5:38pm
When I used to work at the petrol station when I was a student it only used to cost $12 to fill a 9kg gas bottle. 2002/2003.

planespotterhvn, Mar 11, 9:19am
Challenge do a good service LPG bottle fill for $24.95. so don't swap out your good condition bottle for a crappy swap.
You can get good condition swaps but you should check.
If you do swap bottles, check the bottoms to check for rust and painted over dirt and debris.

tygertung, Mar 12, 6:02am
Due to inflation the price to fill the bottles has increased in the last 15 years.

planespotterhvn, Mar 20, 9:27pm
Yes, to $24.95 at Challenge.

planespotterhvn, Dec 3, 8:57am

planespotterhvn, Dec 4, 6:13am
How many people get a credit for their unused LPG content still in the bottle that was taken away by the delivery driver. There are no scales on the truck so how do the gas companies know how much gas is still in the cylinder and who has rented that cylinder last?

golfaholic2, Dec 4, 1:45pm
That question crossed my mind . the whole refund story sounded like hogwash

euphorique, Dec 4, 4:50pm
Just a guess but surely the bottles have barcodes they simply scan to keep track of where bottles are (and when they're taken back to the shop presumably they weigh them and check who had it last) et cetera

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