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rollydog1, Nov 12, 8:07am
I hear that there is a new gas bottle refill/exchange service being offered at a place in Hillsborough? Caerphilly Place or something like that? I also hear that the people that work there are quite knowledgeable about the ins and outs of expiry dates etc etc etc?

planespotterhvn, Nov 12, 4:31pm
Evidence that people are taking "as new condition" bottles to the dump with dates like 10-@-14 or 02-¥-09. These gas cylinders are under 10 years from this date so are still serviceable for many more years. The first date example revealed that the cylinder is only 13 months old from brand new yet was dumped half full of gas!

sport_billy, Nov 25, 1:12am
Hi all, bit cheeky but does anyone know where they dont check if the bottle you bring to swap is still within date?
Just asking as my one is expired and want to try swap it for a full one :)

Or if anyone has one to swap they no longer want i'd be keen to hear.

thanks :)

unclewainwright, Nov 25, 1:33am
how about being responsible and getting your bottle tested instead of ripping others off.

tigra, Nov 25, 1:34am
I think swapping they don't care. But if you are refilling they do check because its against the law to refill a bottle that is out of the testing range of 10 years. I have struck the odd one who would refill a bottle that is only 1 month out.

robyn35, Nov 25, 1:59am
Bunnings swap them doesnt seem to matter the age or condition

jane310567, Nov 25, 2:01am
yep - bunnings are fine with expired cylinders

andrew1954, Nov 25, 2:07am
Out of date is ok for swapping. what they do or should do is check for damage to the valve / tap and rust. rust especially on the bottom. minor surface rust is ok but not "bubbles of rust" which has actually started eating at the metal ! .

jambee1, Nov 25, 7:50am

jcmp21, Nov 25, 7:54am
Mate, no need to be so uptight with these things. No one has ever been hurt with faulty LPG equipment.

gtrb26, Nov 25, 8:02am
They all get checked when they go back to get refilled, doesn't matter what condition the bottle is in when you swap it.

nzmax, Nov 25, 9:12am
We swap bottles at work, and it certainly does matter what condition the bottle is in. Expired all good, and like previous poster said, valve and tap fitting cant be damaged, surface rust or flaky paint ok, but no rust bubbles. Our suppliers are very strict on that.

sport_billy, Nov 25, 8:01pm
Thanks for this and the many other helpful comments everyone :)

planespotterhvn, Nov 25, 11:09pm
I used to work in a reconditioning company for LPG cylinders for the swap a bottle market and agree that expired date is fine and minor surface rust or dents are also okay. Some customers must havegot away with swapping cylinders we had to condemn and scrap so give it a go, find a crappy cylinder at the dump or mates garage and swap it for a new one full of gas!

planespotterhvn, Nov 25, 11:12pm
swap a bottle don't mind expired cylinders. Thats what swap a bottle is for. keeping customers safe with safe LPG cylinders.

martin11, Nov 26, 3:56am
That is rubbish there has been a lot of boat explosions and fires with people hurt and I remember one being killed due to faulty gas equipment , also have heard of a caravan going up in flames due to the gas installation fault

planespotterhvn, Nov 26, 4:00am
A big evacuation in Invercargill about a year or so ago, after an explosion due to an LPG bottle.

fineo, Nov 26, 4:22am
Some took the bait hook line and sinker from a well known fisherman!

cleggyboy, Nov 26, 5:24am
I will never touch swapped bottles, I go where they fill your own bottle.
That is a real trap this swap bottle racket.

skin1235, Nov 26, 7:41am
how so?, they have to pass the same rigorous test as your fill your own does, in some ways would be safer - cos they go back to a central filling place where you as a loyal customer are an unknown, you won't get away with a dodgy bottle due to being a regular
I do however have a bitch with them - they buy their lpg in bulk at less than half what we have to pay for it, yet their prices are still above fill your own price for a bottle, surely they could make it cheaper than any fill your own price, would you be still against them if you could get a full bottle for say $28

jcmp21, Nov 26, 8:11am
I know, I know, will some people never learn?

coralsnake, Nov 27, 1:12am
It's quite expensive to have them tested and they still may fail.
At least swap-a-bottle is getting them off the market.
I am sure the swap-a-bottle operators would have the means to test any outdated bottle thus recycling it into the recyle bin if not ok or refilled and more $ in their pockets.

at01, Nov 28, 10:29pm
Swap-a-bottle is absolutely fine and often safer than fill your own - esp older bottles. I don't know of a swap system where out of test bottles are not accepted. All of the bottles you pick up have been safety controlled and meet all safety standards. They are a little more costly,because they cost more to provide. And there are some losses due to out of test or failed cylinders. If you own a very new cylinder by all means fill it up. But if you have an older one, why not swap it for one that has been recently tidied up and tested? It makes sense to me.

golfaholic2, Jan 1, 9:04am
planespotter , you CANNOT educate martin about anything at all due to him having unrestricted access to Google which makes him an expert at absolutely everything . the only problem being , the world isnt quite Black and White .

tygertung, Jan 1, 9:08am
You can have a bbq before you swap out the bottle.

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