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planespotterhvn, Jan 2, 4:11am
Use up all the gas in the bottle before you swap it. If you swap an expired dated bottle with gas in it the valve must be removed and so the gas is just released to atmosphere which is not very environmentally beneficial. you may as well burn it as have the swapa bottle company waste it.

nzoomed, Jan 2, 4:13am
Just grab a set of letter punches and stamp a new date on the cylinder!
Propane tanks are not under a huge amount of pressure anyway! lol

purplegoat, Jan 2, 5:14am
And you base your opinion on what factual based evidence ?
At least a swappa bottle gets regularly inspection for damage and leaks unlike most " private " bottles
You beta get used to the swappa bottle system as that's the way the industry is going with dozens of filling places being decommissioned in recent years . Z pulled all there's out a few years back and BP are doing the same

purplegoat, Jan 2, 5:17am
What a load of horse manure

jcmp21, Jan 2, 5:19am
There would have to be filling places for LPG vehicles.

planespotterhvn, Aug 2, 6:02pm
. And don't swap a full or partially full cylinder just because the cylinder is out of date. You are allowed to use it up but you cannot refill it unless you get it retested or swap it for a full cylinder for around $35. If you do not have a cylinder to swap you can pay around $79 for a full cylinder.
If your cylinder is full but not outputting much gas or is feeble it may be frozen especially if it is hooked up outside like for a kitchen gas range. Bring the bottle indoors to warm it up. Perhaps rotate it with a second standby bottle, the frozen bottle thawing out while you use the warmed up bottle.

planespotterhvn, Aug 2, 7:27pm
This is part of the Swap a Bottle service. They will inspect, test, recertify and re-date any time expired bottles that are swapped for a fresh one.
So no need to dump your old bottle. Just swap it. But you may as well use the gas that is still in it first.

kids4ever, Aug 3, 3:09am

planespotterhvn, Aug 9, 10:10am
Mitre10; the Warehouse; Bunnings; and many Gasoline Stations.

planespotterhvn, Aug 19, 6:45pm
So swap your rusty, out of date LPG bottle. no worries. Its part of the service and safety of the swap a bottle system.

kiwiscorp, Aug 19, 8:41pm
Swap a bottle is a good way to get a new bottle in exchange for your old one. You don't have to swap it fo rrefill . you can just take it to a garage that does fill ups.

owen106, Aug 19, 8:51pm
I have swapped a cylinder that had a different fitting on it. Was given it but didn't connect to our heater. Petrol station staff didn't care.

cranken28, Aug 19, 10:56pm
You can buy old BBQ's for $10-30 off TM and sometimes they come with a full or 1/2 bottle with a few years left in them . .

owen106, Aug 21, 12:18am
Even buy a cheap gas heater with bottle off TM.

spead, Aug 21, 1:06am
and if you are identified as being the person handing in an old bottle and it is not adequately checked and there is an explosion I d say you may be used for hundreds of thousands. Be responsible.

spead, Aug 21, 1:06am
. Yes they have. People are killed.

fineo, Aug 21, 1:51am
Two on the one hook!

tygertung, Aug 21, 4:42am
You don't have to have the bottle certified before you swap it. This cost is covered in the swappa bottle system.
These are the reasons you can't be sued:
A. You won't be sued because you are not resposible for what subsequent users do with the bottle.
B. There is no way that they can track who swapped each individual bottle
C. It is covered by ACC anyway.

It is the person who is filling the bottle to identify that it is within certification date.
A bottle isn't going to explode all of a sudden just because the certification runs out anyway!

planespotterhvn, Aug 21, 11:15am
How many times?.
The swappa bottle system is for exactly this situation. Give them an old out of date bottle and it goes into their initial inspection system, good clean tidy cylinders go straight for refilling and available for swapping. Dirty rusty paint flakey bottles get stripped, stickers removed, repainted and if they are out of their ten year date, or they have a faulty or non universal valve they are tested and recertified and a new valve fitted and redated with another ten years life. Then these repainted bottles are refilled for swapping. Badly rusted and dented bottles or unreadable or invalid data plates on the cylinders, are condemned and recycled for scrap steel.

planespotterhvn, Aug 22, 5:42pm
So recycle your old garbage out of date cylinders through the swappa bottle systems at your local store, that is why you swap them. That is why Elgas and Ongas offer this service, to get old cylinders out of the community and recycled for further service.

planespotterhvn, Oct 15, 11:18am
Still full cylinders being brought in for swaps. Why?

planespotterhvn, Oct 25, 11:28am
Challenge advertising cylinder fills for $24.95. You can buy recond cylinders from them too!

rollydog1, Oct 25, 9:35pm
Yes you are right.The old bottles come thru my work where they are tested and if out of date a new valve is fitted and then re-painted and if the bottle does not meet required standards the bottle is scrapped.

planespotterhvn, Oct 29, 12:28pm
this. :-)

planespotterhvn, Nov 8, 5:49pm
OH I GET IT NOW! Some people are treating the date the date stamped on the bottle collar as an EXPIRY DATE. And swapping their bottle full of gas because they think the gas has expired!
Like biscuits with a best before date. It does not mean they are expired.
The latest date (there may be several) is the last test date. The bottle must not be refilled after TEN years from this date. BUT YOU CAN USE UP ALL THE GAS UNTIL THE BOTTLE IS EMPTY.

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