Its official NZ is corrupt. Page 1 / 2

david_270, Jul 29, 6:53pm

kerry22, Jul 29, 7:16pm
like the cover up of CTV collapse.

lambrat, Jul 29, 10:15pm
he is very lucky lawyers are so unaffordable for many people

retrodesign, Jul 30, 4:04am
Not good eh? I wonder however how the basis of this appeal will assist EQC? My understanding is that he is appealing on the grounds that his brief provided by EQC was narrower than stated. As I see it that means EQC were surely incompetent and negligent in providing a restricted brief. Certainly corrupt if found in his favour.

articferrit, Jul 30, 5:33am
Do you think the Press would be interested in meeting more people who have complaints against GR to show that not all of use have gone as far as having to use legal means to beat him and his ridiculous 'pre-existing' decisions?. They already have a copy of my argument against his decisions.

david_270, Jul 30, 6:03am
He won his appeal.
Professional ethics and behaviour lost out to the government & money.

retrodesign, Jul 30, 7:35am
David_270 you will hear no argument from me. It's disgusting. Clearly the powers that be thought long and hard about how they could justify his behaviour. I just find the basis of the appeal odd as it will only succeed if he can show that EQC didn't give him a full brief, and given that he was the so called expert called in to advise them that surely cannot succeed.

david_270, Jul 30, 7:41am
You don't get it. The appeal HAS succeeded. He has got off.
Read the story.

retrodesign, Jul 30, 7:57am
Oh f@@$. How on earth did I miss that. I read it that he had won a right to appeal, not the actual appeal. I am gutted. I have no faith left.

rover79, Jul 31, 12:17am
This is probably what you were thinking about.

Complainants have been asked to keep the decision confidential while Ipenz decides whether to appeal the CPEC ruling to the district court. Ipenz met on Tuesday to consider the matter but said it was not in a position to comment

propeller12, Aug 1, 7:34am
Since the Government(EQC) is so keen to look after G Robinson then they can give him a one way ticket to their new apartment.

shells76, Aug 10, 10:57am
Totally agree.profit over people with this govt.

kletis1, Aug 10, 2:50pm
And all of the CHRP repairs. now theres a cover up people! I have said it once and i'll say it again. the majority of repairs in Chch are utter rubbish.All most of you got was a Band-Aid fix.Can anybody yet tell me how most of the 78000 house repairs that Fletchers did,only required plaster and paint? Come on. are you all that stupid? I also said a while back that they would get all the big contracts in town. They got the first one,so watch what happens with the rest of the CBD rebuild!

lambrat, Aug 10, 10:16pm
so while working for eqr you got a few duds and that made you an insurance policy expert?
what the devil are you smoking?

david_270, Aug 11, 6:41am

oskybosky, Aug 11, 9:41am
What a bloody disgrace. What the hell is going on in this country?

david_270, Aug 11, 10:48am

william1980, Aug 11, 10:58am
Cover up?
There was a royal commission of inquiry.

planespotterhvn, Aug 11, 5:24pm
Who the hell do the CPEC thik they are? Obviously a shonky excuse for an engineering associaton. They need a Government inquiry into them for corruption. These flip flopping legal appeals seem to be a lawyer fest of spiraling costs and income generation by the courts and legal industry. Is the legal system corrupt too?

planespotterhvn, Aug 11, 5:27pm
And where is the commisson of inquiry to the PGC building collapse?

ronash, Aug 12, 1:16am
Sad but true :-(

log62, Aug 12, 2:23am
The heading say's it all. Shame on this government, Eqc, Fletchers Eqr and there Engineer. They might feel proud of themselves for making the history books etc. which will be discussed and studied for many generations to come. Have they thought how there family, grandchildren and future generations will feel or be looked upon by other children when there actions (or lack of) are discussed in the classroom etc.

william1980, Aug 12, 10:16am

david_270, Aug 12, 6:47pm
I wonder what took them so long?

" Craig said he was not surprised by the findings.
He and other independent experts had been raising foundation repair issues with EQC, MBIE and insurers for the past four years.
Thousands of homeowners would be affected, he said.
For Craig, the root of the problem was in MBIE's quake repair guidelines interpreting the building code.
Failed repairs were not the builder's fault, he said, because the work had been wrongly assessed."

kletis1, Aug 12, 8:59pm
Tip of the iceberg? Ain't that the bloody truth. I hope they also go and look at the houses,the stucco ones that I was told to 'repair' with No More
Gaps.The whole exterior is repaired with tubes of this and then painted over.The foundation on said house had a fresh coat of concrete in the cracks and that was it.House is in Ward St.

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