Its official NZ is corrupt.

david_270, Jul 30, 6:53 am

like the cover up of CTV collapse.

kerry22, Jul 30, 7:16 am

he is very lucky lawyers are so unaffordable for many people

lambrat, Jul 30, 10:15 am

Not good eh? I wonder however how the basis of this appeal will assist EQC? My understanding is that he is appealing on the grounds that his brief provided by EQC was narrower than stated. As I see it that means EQC were surely incompetent and negligent in providing a restricted brief. Certainly corrupt if found in his favour.

retrodesign, Jul 30, 4:04 pm

Do you think the Press would be interested in meeting more people who have complaints against GR to show that not all of use have gone as far as having to use legal means to beat him and his ridiculous 'pre-existing' decisions?. They already have a copy of my argument against his decisions.

articferrit, Jul 30, 5:33 pm

He won his appeal.
Professional ethics and behaviour lost out to the government & money.

david_270, Jul 30, 6:03 pm

David_270 you will hear no argument from me. It's disgusting. Clearly the powers that be thought long and hard about how they could justify his behaviour. I just find the basis of the appeal odd as it will only succeed if he can show that EQC didn't give him a full brief, and given that he was the so called expert called in to advise them that surely cannot succeed.

retrodesign, Jul 30, 7:35 pm

You don't get it. The appeal HAS succeeded. He has got off.
Read the story.

david_270, Jul 30, 7:41 pm

Oh f@@$. How on earth did I miss that. I read it that he had won a right to appeal, not the actual appeal. I am gutted. I have no faith left.

retrodesign, Jul 30, 7:57 pm

This is probably what you were thinking about.

Complainants have been asked to keep the decision confidential while Ipenz decides whether to appeal the CPEC ruling to the district court. Ipenz met on Tuesday to consider the matter but said it was not in a position to comment

rover79, Jul 31, 12:17 pm

Since the Government(EQC) is so keen to look after G Robinson then they can give him a one way ticket to their new apartment.

propeller12, Aug 1, 7:34 pm

Totally agree.profit over people with this govt.

shells76, Aug 10, 10:57 pm

And all of the CHRP repairs. now theres a cover up people! I have said it once and i'll say it again. the majority of repairs in Chch are utter rubbish.All most of you got was a Band-Aid fix.Can anybody yet tell me how most of the 78000 house repairs that Fletchers did,only required plaster and paint? Come on. are you all that stupid? I also said a while back that they would get all the big contracts in town. They got the first one,so watch what happens with the rest of the CBD rebuild!

kletis1, Aug 11, 2:50 am

so while working for eqr you got a few duds and that made you an insurance policy expert?
what the devil are you smoking?

lambrat, Aug 11, 10:16 am

david_270, Aug 11, 6:41 pm

What a bloody disgrace. What the hell is going on in this country?

oskybosky, Aug 11, 9:41 pm

david_270, Aug 11, 10:48 pm

Cover up?
There was a royal commission of inquiry.

william1980, Aug 11, 10:58 pm

Who the hell do the CPEC thik they are? Obviously a shonky excuse for an engineering associaton. They need a Government inquiry into them for corruption. These flip flopping legal appeals seem to be a lawyer fest of spiraling costs and income generation by the courts and legal industry. Is the legal system corrupt too?

planespotterhvn, Aug 12, 5:24 am

And where is the commisson of inquiry to the PGC building collapse?

planespotterhvn, Aug 12, 5:27 am

Sad but true :-(

ronash, Aug 12, 1:16 pm

The heading say's it all. Shame on this government, Eqc, Fletchers Eqr and there Engineer. They might feel proud of themselves for making the history books etc. which will be discussed and studied for many generations to come. Have they thought how there family, grandchildren and future generations will feel or be looked upon by other children when there actions (or lack of) are discussed in the classroom etc.

log62, Aug 12, 2:23 pm

william1980, Aug 12, 10:16 pm

I wonder what took them so long?

" Craig said he was not surprised by the findings.
He and other independent experts had been raising foundation repair issues with EQC, MBIE and insurers for the past four years.
Thousands of homeowners would be affected, he said.
For Craig, the root of the problem was in MBIE's quake repair guidelines interpreting the building code.
Failed repairs were not the builder's fault, he said, because the work had been wrongly assessed."

david_270, Aug 13, 6:47 am

Tip of the iceberg? Ain't that the bloody truth. I hope they also go and look at the houses,the stucco ones that I was told to 'repair' with No More
Gaps.The whole exterior is repaired with tubes of this and then painted over.The foundation on said house had a fresh coat of concrete in the cracks and that was it.House is in Ward St.

kletis1, Aug 13, 8:59 am

Same experience as you kletis. Try and do the right thing for the owners and you get shot down by the powers that be. Thats why now you have all the foreigners doing most of the work. They have no affiliation with chch and no empathy. They will do the work without any questions.
So the end result is locals with very little work and shoddy workmanship.
The people who have not settled or have not had repairs are now the lucky ones.

gillian25, Aug 13, 9:39 am

I live in Christchurch. Some years ago I read Naomi Kleins best seller "Shock Doctrine". I felt grateful to be living in NZ where I was sure this "move in and take over whilst people are in shock and are vulnerable" could not happen. I was wrong, Disaster Capitalism is a branch of Crony Capitalism. I long for a person having conscious qualities to arise, a Statesman (woman), a time when integrity will be seen unanimously as the preferred virtue.

noddy777, Aug 13, 11:02 am

David,it's nice to see this thread finally has some traction,bravo to you.Andy and Shell.

shells76, Aug 13, 12:19 pm

Nowadays, anybody with integrity is either given no air time at all, or is completely rubbished by the media.

actiontraders, Aug 13, 1:03 pm

To be fair, this whole foundation issue has gotten a lot of media air time in the past year or so going by story posted above.

william1980, Aug 13, 10:22 pm

Its like living in a Monty Python skit.
Now Gerry is going after the builders:
But minister, your whitewash committee CPEC that exonerated the EQC engineer found that it was the EQC scopes that were wrong, not the engineer. The EQC brief to assessors was too narrow, and caused incompetent and negligent scopes. What a crock.

david_270, Aug 14, 6:52 am

I agree, total absurdity! What next?

ronash, Aug 14, 12:41 pm

i think in politiical terms this is called 'be seen to be doing something' . an ex-woodwork teacher in charge of the rebuild, how ironic

lambrat, Aug 14, 1:39 pm

Wheres John Campbell when you need him. Nobody is going to pick up this bomb and run with it. Nothing screaming out in the Media. Whats happening. The silence is deafening!

gillian25, Aug 16, 10:33 am

is this the other side of the looking glass. sure looks like it!

shazza351, Aug 16, 10:54 am

And what a surprise - Fletchers aren't responsible for anything, even though they are the Project Management Office for EQC:

david_270, Aug 16, 12:25 pm

david_270, Aug 16, 2:12 pm

EQC Fletchers get absolved from any responsibilty for shonky work by the "certified builders " regulation , all blame falls on them & Brownlee is "coming after them " So all will be right . This is what deregulation & leaky homes fiasco bought about , all building tradespeople registered , so it absolves councils & Govt agents from any future liability

elect70, Aug 16, 2:55 pm


melcraig, Aug 16, 8:20 pm

Looking for copy or link to the letter sent to EPEC from EQC about Graeme Robinson appeal

propeller12, Aug 17, 5:15 pm

david_270, Aug 17, 5:21 pm

BUMP this thread up.

gillian25, Aug 17, 10:15 pm

Ok Where o where do I start?

kletis1, Aug 17, 10:44 pm

Right. I've been saying for years the whole repair program is a have,saying we as taxpayers are being ripped off,that Fletchers,EQC and the likes are all taking us for a ride.The repairs they did were so fucked up it beggars belief.I saw time and time again,and did time and time again what was on the scope that eQC and Fletchers came up with.When questioned and wanting a V.O,it was usually declined.I have witnessed first hand both main contractors AND Fletcher EQR outright lie to homeowners.I remember way back in the early days,every 5th or so house was going to be lifted.What happened there? More like 1/1000! i have said,along with so many others that this was going to happen,yet no one listens.Shame and glad I no longer own a house in Chch.

kletis1, Aug 17, 10:58 pm

david_270, Aug 19, 9:30 pm

Very interesting article. Could have written it myself lol.Can someone please tell me how these 70000 odd houses that Fletchers did in in 3 yrs were actually repaired properly?Everytime I hear 'we've repaired ? homes' I cringe.Seriously,if you'd repaired any of these houses as required,you'd only be through about 20000.But no. it's anumbers game and a money game.You sit back and go 'job well done boys' But it's not.Your repairs Fletchers/EQC are utter utter SHIT!I followed every scope to a tee,and when I asked for a V.O,was almost always declined.It mean't more time,more money and a house whose repair date didn't fit in with yr master plan.I knowingly did these stupid strategies,as if I didn't.I'd get no more work. continued below.

kletis1, Aug 19, 11:13 pm

Have a look around.Insurance work took ages to get underway.Why? Because this is how the whole systems works.Nobody in their right mind would do Fletchers work with their stupid repairs,if the insurance work was there at the same time.We would jump ship.But all that was going was Fletchers work.Now that has nearly wound up,it appears that HNZ has picked up the slack.Sure theres other work,but it's slow going,and not enough for all the workers.Funny how HNZ rates are well under all other E/Q work.They know people are looking for work,so will go 'thats all there is,the rates have really dropped' crap.Oh look,HNZ haven't long to go and Fletchers now have the contract for large parts of the CBD.No surprises there.And as for the 'as is where is house'.I personally know a painter who had no work 5 years ago,yet now buys up these and flicks them off at double the price.He employed an engineer and an LBP to sign off the so called repairs.Nothing more than a few jacked up piles,no more gaps and paint.Makes me sick.Gerry Brownlee you big fat fuck,open your f'n eyes.The maincontractors you have emplyed all know this is wrong but it lined their pockets nicely thanks.And as for 'no cowboys'. Mate you employed plenty.

kletis1, Aug 19, 11:27 pm

Well said and very accurate Kletis. Totally agree with your analogy.

gillian25, Aug 7, 4:41 am

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