Big Fire

jonowelsh, Jun 1, 5:29am
what is burning im in bromley and theer is a lot of smoke over avonside girls way.

k-i-n-g, Jun 1, 5:30am
Yeah it's a few houses down from me, I called the fire brigade

col3, Jun 1, 5:44am
where exactly is it - looks luge - could see the flames streets away. Looks like close to St Chads church?

x0xcaseyx0x, Jun 1, 6:02am
Just down the side street by the church. Big house fire.

k-i-n-g, Jun 1, 6:12am
On Dacre St, 1 or 2 houses in from Buckleys.

wildvoilet, Jun 1, 8:21am
it was a garage fire on Dacre street. a bomb fire spread to a fence catching the garage on fire.

golfaholic2, Jun 1, 9:30am
And ECan cant work out why the PM10 levels are high lol . so many people a back yard burning , but it all gets blamed on log burners .

junie2, Jun 1, 11:01am
Bombs? Really? It's a wonder the army didn't attend!

schnauzer11, Jun 1, 12:10pm
Wow! Don't you mean 'bonfire'?

k-i-n-g, Jul 27, 3:11pm
Then a house was gutted on the corner of Buckleys Rd this morning. WTF!

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