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david_270, May 22, 2:29am

iwikiwi, May 22, 2:37am
Pushed by the American immigrants no doubt to keep the public ignorant so they can reduce wages to no minimum rate. Keep the masses ignorant about what is happening in their own nation and they won't be informed and be able to have opinions. There is some American twang dialect person in charge of bringing in cheap below minimum wage labour into NZ. Heard her talking on the radio. If anyone knows how to import cheap slave labour for farms etc; its the USA. Knowledge is power.

klc1, May 22, 2:40am
The new show is just going to be another seven sharp. Your going to be missed Campbell Live :(

frances1266, May 22, 2:53am
Mediaworks is getting worse by the minute. Shame JC is going, he is the only journalist left in this country.

iwikiwi, May 22, 3:01am
Boycott the new show! Don't watch it and they will have to bring back John Campbell!

bratpack06, May 22, 3:04am
I agree!

aimz_bj, May 22, 3:37am
Such a bugger, I remember meeting him at the Library of all places when I was about 10 years old! Told him I wanted his job when I was older!

cronezone, May 22, 3:43am
That's a damned shame.There are now very few current affairs programmes of a reasonably high standard left on free to air TV (perhaps NZ needs public TV similar to that in Canada) & of those left,Campbell live was virtually the only one to continue to air stories from CHCH on the after effects of the quakes.
There seems little point in watching any new show,given that they're wanting viewers who will remain tuned to watch whatever 'reality' show they come up with next.

articferrit, May 22, 3:44am
Double bugger!

birdland12, May 22, 3:59am

sumstyle, May 22, 4:49am
Very disappointing, and I'm glad he didn't agree to co-host the new programme, which I won't watch.

janbodean, May 22, 4:57am
I feel so incredibly sad. J C was the very last real investigative journalist in this country who spoke his mind and was not afraid to take on the powers that be. The dumbing down is now complete. He will be sorely missed and I will not be watching 3 again. All the best John and thanks for fighting for the ordinary guy.

mycom, May 22, 5:08am
Very bad news John was so supportive to us Cantabrians and he also supported our Scout Group as well (we where on Campbell Live) 2010 fundraising for Jamboree

junie2, May 22, 5:24am
Agree - will boycott.

batty211, May 22, 5:26am
I am so sorry to hear this. On a day when I sat around with 5 acquaintances - - 4 of us having terrible trouble with earthquake issues - finding that Campbell Live is gone is just like a last straw really. I feel like THEY'VE won. Thank you John Campbell. You have made a difference. I will not be watching the new show.

bratpack06, May 22, 6:23am
We feel the same, who are we going to go to now, when we are getting shafted by insurance co's? This is important for all nzer's to know.

tobie2, May 22, 6:32am
I will certainly boycott the new show !

nicsta4, May 22, 6:42am
Oh well time for a change must have done his time so tune to move on

david_270, May 22, 9:48am
I don't think so. He has been going well, and hasn't forgotten Christchurch, unlike some other news media. It wasn't voluntary, they gave him a deliberately unpalatable choice.

lambrat, May 22, 10:13am
a great shame to see the end of campbell live, probably the only decent journalist's programme left on tv.

i was only a kid in the 1960s when tv arrived nz and was touted to buyers as educational . in reality american advertising firms must've been rubbing their hands excitedly. slowly but surely tv has effectively dumbed us down to being mere consumers, and programmes are just the bits between the ads . no wonder many young people have been ditching their tvs for the internet.

david_270, May 22, 10:36am

david_270, May 22, 7:48pm

mycom, May 22, 9:28pm

wilt64, May 22, 10:26pm

malvern_scouts, May 22, 10:32pm
Thanks for all your support Campbell Live

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