Christchurch loses a friend

david_270, May 22, 2:29 pm

Pushed by the American immigrants no doubt to keep the public ignorant so they can reduce wages to no minimum rate. Keep the masses ignorant about what is happening in their own nation and they won't be informed and be able to have opinions. There is some American twang dialect person in charge of bringing in cheap below minimum wage labour into NZ. Heard her talking on the radio. If anyone knows how to import cheap slave labour for farms etc; its the USA. Knowledge is power.

iwikiwi, May 22, 2:37 pm

The new show is just going to be another seven sharp. Your going to be missed Campbell Live :(

klc1, May 22, 2:40 pm

Mediaworks is getting worse by the minute. Shame JC is going, he is the only journalist left in this country.

frances1266, May 22, 2:53 pm

Boycott the new show! Don't watch it and they will have to bring back John Campbell!

iwikiwi, May 22, 3:01 pm

I agree!

bratpack06, May 22, 3:04 pm

Such a bugger, I remember meeting him at the Library of all places when I was about 10 years old! Told him I wanted his job when I was older!

aimz_bj, May 22, 3:37 pm

That's a damned shame.There are now very few current affairs programmes of a reasonably high standard left on free to air TV (perhaps NZ needs public TV similar to that in Canada) & of those left,Campbell live was virtually the only one to continue to air stories from CHCH on the after effects of the quakes.
There seems little point in watching any new show,given that they're wanting viewers who will remain tuned to watch whatever 'reality' show they come up with next.

cronezone, May 22, 3:43 pm

Double bugger!

articferrit, May 22, 3:44 pm


birdland12, May 22, 3:59 pm

Very disappointing, and I'm glad he didn't agree to co-host the new programme, which I won't watch.

sumstyle, May 22, 4:49 pm

I feel so incredibly sad. J C was the very last real investigative journalist in this country who spoke his mind and was not afraid to take on the powers that be. The dumbing down is now complete. He will be sorely missed and I will not be watching 3 again. All the best John and thanks for fighting for the ordinary guy.

janbodean, May 22, 4:57 pm

Very bad news John was so supportive to us Cantabrians and he also supported our Scout Group as well (we where on Campbell Live) 2010 fundraising for Jamboree

mycom, May 22, 5:08 pm

Agree - will boycott.

junie2, May 22, 5:24 pm

I am so sorry to hear this. On a day when I sat around with 5 acquaintances - - 4 of us having terrible trouble with earthquake issues - finding that Campbell Live is gone is just like a last straw really. I feel like THEY'VE won. Thank you John Campbell. You have made a difference. I will not be watching the new show.

batty211, May 22, 5:26 pm

We feel the same, who are we going to go to now, when we are getting shafted by insurance co's? This is important for all nzer's to know.

bratpack06, May 22, 6:23 pm

I will certainly boycott the new show !

tobie2, May 22, 6:32 pm

Oh well time for a change must have done his time so tune to move on

nicsta4, May 22, 6:42 pm

I don't think so. He has been going well, and hasn't forgotten Christchurch, unlike some other news media. It wasn't voluntary, they gave him a deliberately unpalatable choice.

david_270, May 22, 9:48 pm

a great shame to see the end of campbell live, probably the only decent journalist's programme left on tv.

i was only a kid in the 1960s when tv arrived nz and was touted to buyers as educational . in reality american advertising firms must've been rubbing their hands excitedly. slowly but surely tv has effectively dumbed us down to being mere consumers, and programmes are just the bits between the ads . no wonder many young people have been ditching their tvs for the internet.

lambrat, May 22, 10:13 pm

david_270, May 22, 10:36 pm

david_270, May 23, 7:48 am

mycom, May 23, 9:28 am

wilt64, May 23, 10:26 am

malvern_scouts, May 23, 10:32 am

I don't think there's any hope that any FTA TV would want to pick up a real current affairs/local news format show these days.
I don't agree with suggestions that there's a "conspiracy" which has shifted "news" to suit the agenda of the plutocracy - but the fact that's happening that way is an inevitable consequence of running a business and not wanting to bite the hand that feeds.
I'm not feeling sorry for JC either. I'm sure he's done pretty well and won't be needing to visit soup kitchens. I am sorry that as FTA TV continues it's decline toward it's destiny of oblivion (probably sooner than many people think), then there doesn't seem to be anything to take over that role - broadcasting real local news/current affairs. The newspaper websites seem to be having a half-hearted attempt (video, live chat etc) but to make money out of it, they're going to disappear behind paywalls.

mm12345, May 23, 11:27 am

Julie Christie was born in Greymouth.

smoth_007, May 23, 1:08 pm

Yes but so was John Key but in reality they are wedded to USA & shonkey Corporations.

When Key is finished gutting the NZ ecomony he will retire to Hawaii.

mme, May 23, 5:25 pm

OIC, it's an American conspiracy to get Campbell to quit aye?

And Liebourites want us to believe it's a John Key inspired conspiracy. not sure who to believe.

Best to dawn tinfoil hat this Friday evening to ward off the conspirators, #Knowledgeispower #areyouforreal?

jerry1018, May 23, 5:36 pm

Yes it's looking pretty much like it is jerry1018.

It's NZ Herald that written this item on it. Pretty sure most of the journo who work there are National leaning.

So it looking like its a shonkey Corporate buy out

mme, May 23, 5:50 pm

scary stuff, I'd be willing to wager a week's salary the CIA & NSA are behind Campbell Live's departure.

I'm shooting down to Countdown right away to purchase some tinfoil to fashion my protective headgear, the mind control waves are eminating from that spy base up in Blenheim, you'd better hurry as well.

jerry1018, May 23, 6:01 pm

Ha! No sensible comment from you about the item I posted. So typical of an astroturfer. Yep off you go to the stupidmarket then.

Think I'll be OK in my merino possum beanie.

mme, May 23, 6:17 pm

Gone too soon, so young too and with a family too.

jcmp21, May 23, 6:26 pm

Heh, you're right the Americans are behind this, these links point you to the truth (and a darn good listen if I might add. )

jerry1018, May 23, 6:31 pm

david_270, May 23, 10:15 pm

I really like Stewarts items. Thanks for posting david.

mme, May 24, 12:29 am

that was an interesting read, ''the new dumbed-down, corporate, soul-sucking world.'' . great phrase!
dumbed-down indeed, there is very little thats institutionally decent or fair these days, so our society appears to have regressed way back to a 'dog eat dog' mentality.

edit. and some of the comments following the article are priceless.

jakeroberts : "I identify with the so-called centre right, and I have friends across the whole left-right spectrum. I have generally found that most of us care deeply about the key issues (including child poverty), but we disagree on the ways to best address them. And we'll argue our points passionately, yet still respect and like each other at the end of it. "

yes i'm sure he'll 'argue passionately' and shake hands or whatever, but then fail on the action side of things. meanwhile.

lambrat, May 24, 12:59 am

david_270, May 24, 10:14 am

Aren't we getting away from the subject? I personally think John has done a lot of good to New Zealand

mycom, May 24, 12:34 pm

I agree!

I wonder whose decision this was really - we are being treated as someone's puppet.

vivienney, May 24, 3:10 pm

I agree too, we stopped watching his show, he's been on it too long, getting boring, move on , bring in the new

kids4ever, May 24, 3:31 pm

Haha. You almost had me believing you.
Plenty of people already watching 7 Blunt for their dose of the shallow & trivial. Campbell was the one that got into issues that others didn't cover, and did a lot for those in Christchurch who are still struggling with quake & insurance issues. Plenty of people would prefer that there was darkness rather than light, and sadly they will get their wish.

david_270, May 24, 4:17 pm

. NZ ends up with high streets full of oyster bars and pawn shops.

The TV's in the pawn shops don't work, but the clients in the oyster bars select the real news based on the number of re-tweets they see on their iPhones.

mm12345, May 24, 8:15 pm

david_270, May 26, 8:05 pm

david_270, May 29, 5:25 pm

david_270, May 31, 9:33 pm

absolute woeful ignorance!

terk, Jun 1, 5:44 pm

A bit of American perspective on the challenges to people like JC:

david_270, Jun 2, 8:43 am

That's taking things a bit too far.

The loss of Campbell Live is a blow to us all, but dreaming up conspiracy theories by the Americans or John Key don't help. The plain fact of the matter is that John's hands on, pro active style of journalism didn't fit with the new culture introduced by Mediaworks management. They want journalists who will toe their line, and see TV3's salvation lying in "reality" shows, the proof being their decision to replace Campbell Live with "Road Cops" repeats. No American or political involvement whatsoever, just shallow people appealing to the like minded, and we all know that shallow people tend to find real life reality boring, and hate anyone (be it World Vision sponsorship ads or John Campbell) who dare to remind them that everything isn't as sweet outside their safe little bubbles.

moviebuff1, Jul 30, 2:06 am

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