Upset & Angry

smf6661, Aug 12, 9:22am
We finally got our final house plans yesterday & after looking at them they are still all wrong.I told the guy from M.G.Homes 3 times what had to be changed & he did & sent me a rough plan of what we wanted, but now that I have seen the final plan that the permit was issued on is not the one we agreed upon.I have emailed & asked if they could change it & M.G. said no its to late, so now we are going to have a house built that neither of us want or like.

siandcath1, Aug 12, 9:35am
If you have an agreement to make changes and have evidence of it then it is MG's problem and they will have to sort it. We have consented plans which now have to be changed and in many cases it can be done via a consent amendment, but it will cost. That's not your problem if MG submitted the wrong plan.

log62, Aug 12, 9:37am
If it's not built then it's not too late for them to correct there error.

asue, Aug 12, 9:38am
Work with them to get an amendment to the plans.

lee289, Aug 12, 9:51am
It's so easy to get plans mixed up when you have changes happening but in saying that it's not your fault so therefore not your problem. Iv Been building for 15 years but finally building a house for myself which we hope to be a forever house it's a massive undertaking has given me a all new respect for clients hope the build works out for you.

david_270, Aug 12, 10:00am
You need to get someone helping you. Don't try to fight on your own.
If you have a file with all the correspondence with your PM and MG there should be plenty of ammo to fight with. If there are major differences between the agreed draft design, and what they sent in for consent without your approval, you have a good starting point.

smf6661, Aug 12, 10:14am
I did sign the consent paper as I assummed they were going to summit the plans with the changes we made only to find out they didnt.Its nothing major they have put the HW cupboard in the wrong place,putting in smaller windows (as I had larger ones put in 6 yrs ago),putting in 2 storage cupboards which we dont want only 1.We had it worked out to make the kitchen a lot larger it will be slightly larger but not what we wanted etc etc.

coralsnake, Aug 12, 12:20pm
Contact your lawyer immediately!
Do not accept the wrong plans!

survivalkiwi, Aug 12, 7:07pm
Go back to MG and say you are not accepting the plans as they are not what you told them they wanted. If they still say can not change then tell them to cancell contract and take you to court.
They will not take you to court because it will cost them way to much.

smoff79, Aug 12, 10:30pm
I would call and tell them they had been advised of changes told you they had been done. Remember you are in charge of this build its your money. They made the cock up they need to fix it. I am guessing they tried to pull a swifty buy getting you to sign saying yes we will add those changes in. Also call master builders and see if they can offer advice.

greenfruit1, Aug 12, 11:52pm
The fact you are using a building company that doesn't want to listen to you. Is going to be your first and only warning sign. If they can't get simple plans right, what more in the future is going to be wrong.

kids4ever, Aug 13, 12:15am
don't take no for an answer, get hold of your solicitor and sounds like sooner the better

carter19, Aug 13, 2:13am
I cant believe that they didnt get your final approval and signature before sending off plans. Thats pretty standard stuff that avoids exactly what has happened. Their fault entirely. Gather your paper trail, copy it and storm in there and let them know they will not be building THAT house.

steve198, Aug 13, 2:28am
I agree. It's not a good sign if the building company won't listen this early on in the process.

smf6661, Aug 13, 3:16am
We have been out of the house for 3 weeks,they told me if I want things changed it will hold things up for a long time & cost us as well.We are in our 60's & my husband wants to retire & just work a few days a week but we cant afford it.I found the plan of the changes we made on the net that they sent us but we havent got much of a paper trail & we cant afford a Lawyer.It just seems since all this happened we have been walked over & people do what they want & dont listen to the little person at all.The people in the front unit made a lot of changes & they are in the plans but not ours which would of made our life easier later on.

underconstructy, Aug 13, 3:47am
Knee jerk reaction!

Contact the designer and simply explain your not willing to accept the proposed design and are seeking an immediate amendment. Call there office schedule a 9am meeting tomorrow and thrash it out. If there not willing to make the changes then can them and take your money else where.

underconstructy, Aug 13, 3:50am
Also don't forget the consent drawings are not necessarily what will be built. They may have all of your changes filled but submitted the current drawings for consent. This is common to save time on redrawing, changes will be made on site and dealt with by way of as built drawings if asked for by the council.

david_270, Aug 13, 6:08am
You don't need a lawyer, the RAS is there to help, and for even more help there is CIAS.

gutlux, Aug 13, 7:00am
I would be very weary and demanding they vary the consent now. A friend's rebuild house started off the wrong way aswell (but is a different company), the plans started off wrong and it didn't stop. She has had so many things go wrong (plans, the kitchen design, the concrete, window in wrong place - yes she got them to correct it after installed, and now the polished floor is wrong). She has been out nearly 11 months and house still not ready. If they can't get it right from the start and won't sort it at this stage, it won't be any easier trying to deal with them when the next mistakes happen. Maybe call the council yourself and check on the process to get it changed and the time frame etc then have the builders correct it now. Good luck with the build.

coralsnake, Aug 28, 3:32pm
Worked long enough for a construction defect expert witness to know a thing or two so not a knee jerk reaction.

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