Lost Cat - Help Please

jonowelsh, Aug 21, 9:41pm
If anyone see's this cat in the bromley/linwood area please let me know, hes been gone for nearly 3 days now :(

https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/405244610.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/405244522.jpg

dolphinlu, Aug 22, 7:44am
bump for an update

jonowelsh, Aug 22, 7:41pm
Still no kitty :(

astrophe, Aug 23, 12:47am
Oh what a beautiful boy! Hope he comes home soon!

pam.delilah, Aug 23, 2:56am
I too hope he comes home soon. Keep us posted

gutlux, Jun 20, 3:27pm
Post on facebook page lost cats christchurch and also website pets on the net if you haven't already done so

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