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ysg10, Apr 10, 11:35pm

Has supported ChCh over the years - would be a shame to see this axed!

sumstyle, Apr 10, 11:50pm
Yes, that would be very disappointing.

david_270, Apr 10, 11:52pm
John Key & cronies would LOVE to see it axed.
Particularly before anything more comes out about the TPPA.
And no one else gives national exposure of the failings of EQC and IC's.
Are we already living in the early stages of a zombie apocalypse, where the brain dead rule?

gman35, Apr 10, 11:56pm
Whether you like him or his particular show at all , I think it just shows that in general the only things that rate are current affairs "fluff" , and reality shows. So many people are seemingly happy to just sit in front of rubbish TV now just taking in stuff that requires no thought , future memory use , or actual learning from.

gman35, Apr 10, 11:58pm
That's my question also #3 !

cronezone, Apr 11, 2:05am
There are three different petitions going already.

Campbell live has been one of the very few media outlets to bring to light some fairly shonky practices here,long after the more mainstream media had lost interest in CHCH.

Its difficult not to think this may be at least partly political given that Campbell has been fairly critical of politicians of both main parties at times,& then there's the money above all brigade,who care not at all about quality & content,just as long the money rolls in.
Which wouldn't happen,if people decided to boycott TV3 & 4.

vivienney, Apr 11, 2:10am
The alternatives are all rubbish. His show is real, about real people, real problems and real solutions.

junie2, Apr 11, 2:15am
What was the question again?

lorischch, Apr 11, 4:52am
You have it in a nutshell, the operative work being SOLUTIONS.

Over the years there have been good investigative programs, interesting commentary and hard hitting docos but where Campbell Live has differed is that John has ALWAYS tried to DO SOMETHING ABOUT issues, and has made a real difference in the lives of people who weren't even being listened to before. I think this is why he is now under threat, which is why everyone who's concerned needs to sign one of those petitions, join one of the online "Save Campbell Live" groups on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere and become involved.

moltenfire, Apr 11, 5:22am
He's such a condescending little prick that many will be glad to see him gone. We need some positivity in our TV reporting, not the endless trivial drivel that Campbell produces.

rua69, Apr 11, 5:28am

rua69, Apr 11, 5:33am
He reported a fast food conglomerate ending its zero hours contracts the other day. An action Campbell's show itself may have hastened. Upshot is the world became a little fairer. Is that not positive enough for you?

casualobserver, Apr 11, 6:10am
Really? A 4 year old story is coincidental timing?
Learn how to use Google better.

fineo, Apr 11, 7:19am
Sorry folks but the aussies have already made up their minds.

androoo, Apr 11, 11:13pm
a petition isn't going to help unless all of those people start watching it each day.

samanya, Apr 11, 11:58pm
Exactly . some people here seem to think he is God like, (personally I agree with #12) but the bottom line is ratings & he's not cutting the mustard in that dept . simple as that!

cassina1, Apr 12, 12:07am
Just because you lead a positive happy life others are not so fortunate. You could end up in the same boat yourself if life throws you a curve ball.

2meltonpark, Apr 13, 6:19am
Yes John Campbell has done much for Canterbury residents post earthquakes.

terk, Apr 13, 6:54am
some of his sactimonious tactics in the wake of pike river were nauseating to say the least. sorry john you dont cut the mustard goodbye!

david_270, Apr 13, 7:39am
Thanks Geoff555. Appreciate your concern, but actually I have a fairly good life. Our EQ stuff was sorted out some time ago.
One of the things that helps to make a civilised society is the realisation that we are members of a community. The dog eat dog / law of the jungle type people unfortunately haven't yet worked that out.
This commentary is quite nice:

david_270, Apr 13, 6:56pm
EQC - as per last years report - fail
Southern Response - as per last years report - fail
Insurance company bad behaviour / forced cash payouts - fail
ECAN and the water war - fail
Water quality, RMA "reform" - fail
Redcliffs School - fail
Red Zoned "Quake Outcasts" payments - fail
Auckland housing unaffordability - fail
TPPA - "trust us, we know what we are doing"
Just a few issues in which they do not seem to be doing a sound job.

jon9, Apr 13, 8:29pm
The reality is the axing has nothing to do with the government or its issues.

In 3 years Campbell Live has lost over 180,000 viewers just over 50%. Any other show that did that would face the scrapheap as well

Depressing to think that crap shows such as "the GC" "the batchelor" etc get more viewers than Campbell Live

jodlbauer, Apr 13, 9:08pm
I like what he has done for chch but I do not like his sensationalist reporting And 'farmerbashing' stories.

robertchestnut, Dec 14, 4:53pm
i will be boycotting 1,2,3,and 4

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