House for sale st albans

treens2, Aug 20, 7:30am
Anyone know off a honest real estate agent

jane310567, Aug 20, 8:28am
I have used Clare Beer - Harcourts Papanui. She helped so much preparing the house and couldn't have had a better experience. My parents also had a great experience.

astrophe, Aug 20, 8:30am
Would never use Harcourts. Ripoff.

I used Total Realty and liked them.

jane310567, Aug 20, 8:48am
It depends on how you look at it. We had different agents come in. Valued about $490-$510. Harcourts convinced us of auction and we got $570000. Mum had a better outcome of $100000 above price expectation at auction. Now I could have gone with another agency and got $510 and have been happy enough as I wouldn't have known any diff. Everyone will have their own experience. I am just quoting mine.

honest-reliable, Aug 20, 8:53am
astrophe wrote:
Would never use Harcourts. Ripoff.

I know the feeling

Use Bill Cornelius he has been in Real Estate for over 35 years and sells Real Estate in the St Albans area. You can get him via email with his name A true honest bloke

treens2, Aug 21, 4:01am
Thanks for all your comments. House is vacant, any thoughts on dressing a house and idea of a cost, three bedroom villa.thanks

tygertung, Aug 1, 3:38pm

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