Mairehau Medical Centre

Hi everyone, I am thinking about changing doctors, what feedback can anyone provide about the doctors at Mairehau Medical Centre?

vanderbel, Aug 25, 4:59 pm

Papanui medical is good

honest-reliable, Aug 25, 7:16 pm

Innes Road Medical Centre (near Cnr of Cranford and Innes Road). Provide an excellent level of care.

klc1, Aug 25, 8:28 pm

Where is Mairehau Centre? I changed to Pro-Med but not sure.

klc, which Dr do you recommend?

jessie981, Aug 25, 8:36 pm

They practice there , as good as any other place .

aj.2., Aug 25, 8:41 pm

Is this some version of the old joke: "What do you call the man who graduated medical school last in his class?"

mm12345, Aug 28, 2:31 pm

Thanks, interesting!

jessie981, Aug 28, 7:59 pm

When I was looking, I looked at the ones that had expertise in the field I wanted them to have. Asked for recommendations, like OP has.

I really wanted to go to Penny Day (I think thats her name) @ Innes Rd, but her books were closed.

That is another issue you may find, they have closed their books to patients.

Funnily enough, I actually changed from a female GP to a male GP because of his specialist interest. And past child bearing age, and have a great relationship with my Gyno, so can just be referred, therefore bypassing GP.

kim.s, Aug 28, 11:48 pm

Mark at mairehau medical centre a very good gp

tavendale1, Aug 29, 7:39 pm

#4 which end of Innes Road please?

jessie981, Aug 29, 7:58 pm

Next to the bp station near mairehau high and a couple of primary schools

tavendale1, Aug 30, 7:34 pm

Thanks will check Monday

jessie981, Jun 28, 3:17 am

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