Can anybody recommend a person how does platters for approx. 10 people

jules555, Aug 20, 2:50 am

How many platters & what sort?
I tried to get a caterer for a small number. 50 people (at my place) & no one was interested as it was too few guests.
Continental, based in Rangiora are excellent & maybe you could have a chat & organise a selection of platters from them. You may have to pick them up, but I'm assuming that you would want 'cold' rather than hot food. maybe?

samanya, Aug 20, 6:44 am

Dukes of sandwich could be worth a try. We had them for about 25 people and they cooked from their trailer up our drive. Lovely people and food.

lesleyd3, Aug 20, 8:01 am

I totally recommend Platters in Ashburton-my God they are good!
They catered for an event I attended about 18 months ago.
Best food ever

thuntzster, Aug 20, 8:05 am

KFC is always nice. Pizzas can be good
I would try your local bakery if you want sandwiches. Couplands might do them or work lunch places maybe Fryers Tuck or french bakery could be an option

stojo, Aug 20, 9:19 am

Subway do sandwich platters and St Pierres do Sushi platters
If you want morning or afternoon tea or lunch, try Ilam Village Bakery

huia991, Aug 20, 5:18 pm

The Naked Baker & also Simply Catering do.

porsh_a, Aug 21, 12:06 pm

Try your local new world deli. Have a look on there website will give you an idea of what they offer.

pr1ncesswst, Jul 20, 2:45 pm

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