EQC on solid ground - review

bandrach, Feb 4, 11:45pm

barneymiller, Feb 5, 12:15am
Hope we have a change of government before the next major disaster.

thebuzzyone, Feb 5, 3:22am
You really think that would make any difference?

fineo, Feb 5, 4:12am
I doubt it all we would end up with is the same sh*t but different flies.

adnil3, Feb 5, 9:07am
solid ground ! eqc maybe but not my home. oops its eqc that matters not the ones who paid into it.

mm12345, Feb 6, 7:41pm
That headline is the Brownlee "press release version" of events.

The same newspaper also published this:
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/65848435/EQC-review-fails-to-satisfy-insurers More detail here: http://www.interest.co.nz/insurance/73898/overdue-eqc-review-sparks-uncertainty-among-re-insurers

david_270, Feb 6, 8:11pm

david_270, Jan 23, 4:44pm

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