Cheapest/best butchery?

where do you all go?

i used to frequent halswell butchery but now i live on the other side of town

any suggestions appreciated!

lil_tarnz, Oct 8, 5:27 pm

I like the bush inn butchery. good prices. People rave about peter timbs at bishopdale mall.

jane310567, Oct 8, 8:50 pm

Cheap & best are two different things. Peter Timbs in Edgeware has superb meat but not cheap. Redcliffs butcher is very good too but not cheap.

fimeister, Oct 8, 9:58 pm

Which has the highest quality sausages?

tygertung, Oct 9, 6:19 am

New Brighton butchers is very good and he does some lovely sausages. You can get some Halswell butchery products at the vege place on Mairehau Rd if you miss them - but I find the sausages and bacon are better from New Brighton.

gaspodetwd, Oct 9, 7:51 am

Perhaps tell us what area you are in now so we can recommend. I also use halswell butchery but live in the city. Beware though cheap and good don't normally go in the same sentence

jon9, Oct 9, 8:11 am

I am in St Martins, but work at the airport so can make a detour on my bicycle on the way home. I don't mind paying for the sausages- they should cost as much as actual meat!

tygertung, Oct 9, 5:38 pm

We're Peter Timbs all the way - but no, not the cheapest! Absolutely lovely meat though, and gorgeous ham and bacon - and a good range of gluten free.

mbos, Feb 7, 3:21 am

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